Halle Berry Savagely Dumps Younger Boyfriend While On Vacation

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  1. Y'all talking about how Halle can't keep a man when y'all are unmarried and no one even publicly claims you. Lol. Y'all can't even post your man or woman on IG.

  2. Halle Berry is a hoe all she date is young guys and she use them for money even though she have her own the point is she's a b** she's a hoe everybody thinks she's the beautifullest thing in the world no she's not I don't understand it

  3. wtf is ctgod talking about?
    she dumped him.because of his lame personality .probably not because of any physical problem. he's 35! a veteran like halle probably needs a mature dude with good convo. remember she probably dated some rich ass top players . i can clearly see why she dumped him.

  4. Being savagely dumped by Halle berry is like being a billionaire play boy who was robbed for a million dollars at dick point. Lol you still accomplished and lost more than most people will ever achieve

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