Greg Nice Says 2Pac Missed NYC, Wanted to End West/East Coast Feud

As fans await Tupac’s biopic for some distinct details of the era’s most infamous moments, rapper Greg Nice recalls hanging out with young Pac before his rise to fame, and ultimately up to his last 30 days of his life. As tension between the West Coast and East Coast continued to brew, Greg Nice says the legendary rap star only wanted to settle the feud and “fix” it. As a native New Yorker faced issues do to the rivalry, Greg says the rapper yearned to be back in the Big Apple for culture and just because he missed his former home telling him, “I miss New York, I [want to] go back.”

Watch the full interview above.



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  1. Yo, G Nice made me feel like I was there. I could picture it and the passion behind Pac's voice and vision! Thanks from a true HipHop Junkie who lived during them glory days of the culture.

  2. dumb question but I'm going to ask it, I'm visiting NY this summer considering all that happens with Tupac and NY would it offend Nyers if I wore a pac shirt one day? Has time healed wounds I ask cause I'll be with my daughter and I not trying to get robbed or anything if I can help it

  3. That was the most positive Pac story I've heard, and I'm sure there are a million more just like it, but you bitch made fucks, rather focus on his beefs and west vs east bullshit. That nonsense was not his legacy, but this was.

  4. this why i get mad at people going at pac cuz he seem to be a real cool as nigga who really was loyal to his people niggas talking about they more gangster than pac fuck being Gangsta what about being real to your people

  5. Greg aged well. I was a preteen when Nice and Smooth first came out. Tupac was always a true hiphop fan and had love for his birthplace. He had love for black people period. But he wasn't a God. Show him love but don't make him a deity.

  6. lol I thought PAC lived in Oakland fo a min. I am half PR we had alot of PR's living around the Fruitvale area and Shelia E. lived down the street where Prince would come visit. Maybe Pac didn't know those areas of Oakland.

  7. this story tells me that he needed real friends around him. he must have felt that the "new" friends in his life were opportunist and he wanted Greg nice around because he knew he was real and took care of him when he wasn't famous.

  8. I Love GREG NICE ! He just seems so cool & down to earth.
    Gregg seems like a peaceful dude no wonder Pac wanted to
    be around him. I Love You Pac Always Rest In Peace~~ You
    are greatly missed. P.S Thanks 4 Being a Loyal Friend Gregg
    Nice to Pac…That is hard to find! back then and even now
    years later after Pac been gone. God Bless You Richly My Brother.
    Always!!!!! (GREAT INTERVIEW MADE ME CRY!!!!!)

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