Gordon Hayward Should Join Heat Over Celtics | First Take | June 30, 2017

John Salley thinks that Gordon Hayward should join the Miami Heat instead of the Boston Celtics. Will Cain, on the other hand, feels that Hayward is best suited to sign with the Celtics.

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  • Get him to okc that would be a crazy super team

  • Ignore the reporter & take good advice from the former player.
    Boston Celtics just blew it by not getting Paul George.

  • Utah should get John Stockton to talk to Hayward and tell Hayward that playing with a terrific playmaker like Rubio will help his career.

  • Last digit of your sub to my channel is what player you are

    1. Lavar Ball
    2. Kobe
    3. Lebron
    4. James Harden
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    0. Zaza

  • Come to Boston!πŸ€ just give us more strength to make it further in the playoffs!

  • he should join the thunder

  • HeatNation😎

  • Hayward should go to Boston, him and Isaiah can literally carry the whole offensive load and Hayward wouldn't have to kill himself playing Defense he can sit back and let Avery, Smart, Crowder, and Horford take care of that, not to mention he got help coming off the bench Tatum and Jaylen are gonna be a dope ass duo

  • Lmao ESPN honestly hates The Celtics πŸ˜‚ pretty crazy, everytime they talk bout the Celtics the odds are against them, (bulls series) Chicago taking it in 6, Isaiah Thomas can't lead this team." beat the bulls 4-2 (Wizards series) "Wizards taking it they're a better match up against the Cavs, and Isaiah Thomas isn't as good as everyone thinks." Celtics take it 4-3 (Cavs series) "The king is going to sweep the Celtics." (Celtics beat them on the road and ONLY team to give them a loss in the playoffs.) it's just funny how bias these "sport commentators/analyst" are πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄

  • Cassidy > Molly no offense to Molly but Cassidy is beyond gorgeous an her voice isn't annoying lol

  • actual NBA players know who's on the come up and who's reached their ceiling. Miami is a much scarier team the Boston and Hayward knows that. Miami has the roster to beat Cleveland and the records prove it and with Hayward is better than Boston. Will Cain is a Mavs fan, bad history with the Heat, of course he's gonna hate.

  • Winning, familiar coach, 2nd best team in east, a lot of money… joe dumars mannnnn

  • Come to boston, do you want to win or tan ,

    Ohh but they were good in the second half

    Celtics were good both halfs

  • If Miami can lure Hayward and get him to take a little less so they can resign James Johnson and Dion Waiters there's no doubt Miami's going to be a contender.

  • You gotta go to the east hayward

  • Will is a fuk nigha fr

  • Potential lineup next year
    Dragic,Waiters,Hayward,Bam bam,Whiteside ohhhhhh baby

  • Miami is always slept on

  • Miami got palm trees and water Hayward you better go nigga.

  • I want him in Miami because I'm a Heat fan but if he wants a real chance to win a championship in the next three years then he should go to Boston. #fuckboston

  • this guys a bafoon

  • Gordon could literally fit right into the heat. you got an above average point, a blooming dion waiters, and the best shot blocker in the league at center, and a top 5 coach. (not mentioning bosh because i dunno enough about injuries and money, not a heat fan). and he would be THE GUY on the heat. hes not THE GUY on the celtics.


  • No. He should stay with the Jazz

  • People sleep on the Heat. They're a perennial playoff team. In 2015, they were a game away from the ECF without Bosh. Last year, they just missed the playoffs by one game, cause the first half of the season they had a losing record because everyone was plagued with injuries. Hayward's a great fit for Miami. He's the offensive talent they need, and the defensive system he'd want is already in place. And Miami is just a great place. No state tax, great weather year round, great market.

  • WTF is this guy talking about? Boston does NOT have a brighter future than Miami. Hassan Whiteside is one of the best big men in the league and is still young. They just added Bam so theres two good big men. Justice Winslow is an amazing defender and developing young offensive player. Josh Richardson and tyler johnson have been two of the most productive, developing bench players in the league over past couple years. Dragic is solid as always. James Johnson is solid as always. Dion Waiters has come into his own as a scorer and deep threat… Boston definitely has a good team (in context of East Conference). But to say they have a better crew for the future is pure ignorance. Especially considering (next to Spurs maybe) Miami has had best coaching staff& managememt in NBA since Pat Riley & Mickey Arrison teamed up. AND THEN you add to it the NO state tax, and highest contract possibility outside of Utah …

    Miami is a no brainer for Gordon Hayward.

  • What the fuck does Miami have that people are so fuckin obsessed with???? A fuckin beach and that's it. A fuckin beach. Hassan Whiteside sucks, Goran Dragic sucks. Why the fuck would somebody join a team with lesser players in a city where you're constantly sweating your ass off 24/7 over a team like the Celtics who were just in the eastern conference finals???? It's so fuckin pathetic that a team like Miamis only selling point is literally the weather and a fuckin beach because their teams sucks and their coach sucks. It's so pathetic that the only way Miami can woo players is not by giving them a chance to win, not selling them on their teams history but selling the weather and a god damn beach. Really Miami? Really??? You're such a pathetic franchise that the only way you can lure a player in is by sitting them down and the only reason you can give a player to join your team over others is "our weather is really nice" that is so fuckin pathetic. Newsflash, not every player needs blazing heat constantly. Hayward grew up in Indiana and played in Utah so he doesn't give a shit about warm weather and the sports media feeds into all this bullshit by talking about Miami as a destination like they're LA or Golden State. All you hear from the media is "south beach" constantly again newsflash, some players just want to win and play for the best team and its not about just sitting on a beach to them. This Miami crap is so fuckin sickening. I understood it being a destination when Wade and LeBron were typer but now what do they have to sell players on?? The weather. Again pathetic and the sports media is just as pathetic as Miami is because they believe Miami is this great destination too when it's not. It's a loser franchise that had a couple good years because they had the best player in the world there for awhile and as soon as he left they've remained irrelevant

  • Hayward should stay in Utah.

  • If Hayward went to the heat the heat would have just as good a roster as the current Celtics team.


  • Boston without Isaiah is like CAVS without LBJ.

  • Nahh, he should join Boston so that cLeveLand at least gets a TINY bit of competition. Fuckin' ESPN wanting lebron to get a free-ass pass to the Finals

  • This man is saying Miami is not going to win …. yet we give Cleveland a harder time than Boston does. Why ? Because we are one of the few teams in this league that have a dominate center. Think about it, who in the East can dominate defensively like Whiteside? Nobody. You add Hayward. He's going to be the number 1 guy. Mixed in with Dragic, Whiteside, possibly Waiters. And then all the other young guys. Hayward is exactly what that starting line up needs. He's a versatile stretch forward. Not to mention, if Miami could improve Waiters and James Johnson's games… imagine what they could do for Haywards game. Let's face it people. We all want to think of Brad Stevens as this amazing coach but he has yet to accomplish a damn thing. In the past few playoffs appearance his team looks terrible at times.

  • lmao they bogus asl for picking that thumbnail πŸ˜‚πŸ’€they got Gordon Hayward fucked up.

  • anywhere but Boston

  • The white guy is dumb asf

  • Nah dragic is too old.

  • Someone brought up the whole "state tax" thing and broke down the actual numbers. Not that big of a difference in total pay.