Gordon Hayward Could Shake Up All Of NBA Free Agency | The Jump | ESPN

Rachel Nichols opens up The Jump by discussing how Gordon Hayward could shake up all of NBA free agency.

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  • This bitch is annoying af

  • overrated whiteboy

  • Spurs

  • WTF??? Everyone is high. They talk abou the Jazz as if they didn't make the playoffs this year. WTF??? The Heat didn't make the playoffs this year. So tell me, WHY THE FUCK would Hayward go to the Heat? WHY??

  • Saw this on the 1st of july, didn't mention OKC, … fail

  • I hope he stays in Utah. I'm starting to get tired of players ditching their teams who aren't even bad to just form a super team which usually fails. Jazz are up and coming

  • Pippen: I am not a robot
    pats pippen on the back
    Sure youre not

  • He's going back to his old coach, come on…

  • G Hayward going to Cavs sign and trade for love watch what happens.. like if you agree

  • why he look like an even fatter jonah hill

  • Amp

    Who are these randoms?

  • kG

    Gordon Hayward to OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B

    does seem scottie not liking Boston, why

  • Im a C's fan and i think Gordon is going to miami or either staying in Utah smh all these missed trades and opportunities, ainge is fuckin up

  • I'm predicting Paul George to the Thunder. Book it.

  • No George option anymore

  • Why would this be a family decision over winning rn he's 27

  • Sorry pippen what you saying about the C's … 🤦‍♂️

  • Gordon Hayward would toss his domino right between those perfect perky titties holler Rachel. Knows her shit too. She a dime.

  • Gordon Hayward is not top 20 players in the league he's not that good he's not in the Paul George you won't be making those super team he's not that good he's okay but he's not one of the top players in the NBA sorry

  • I'm predicting PG to Okc😱😱😱

  • Welp…..PG13 is going to none of those. OKC baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gordon hayward not going to shook up the league to me hes not an all dtar player

  • If Molly don't work out this women should be on First take

  • miami

  • miami

  • Celtics can't get things done and are led by a midget. Heat aren't a playoff team. UTAH is clearly the right place for him.

  • So far ESPN is 0-3 on predictions even though they always supposedly have the inside scoop on what's going on with players. If Hayward stays with the Jazz they'll be 0-4. Scottie bitching about Utah weather in May and June is funny when he sure sucked up the cold weather in Chicago. Utah weather in May and June is like paradise compared to Chicago weather in those same months. Also, name a player that has done well at Utah and then had a great money making career all those years after they left. Hayward, if he stays in Utah, has a chance at being their 'franchise' player and making Karl Malone like money for the rest of his career. If he leaves he could end up like Deron Williams or Carlos Boozer. People forget how many player's careers ended quickly once they began playing for a different coach with different player chemistry in a different market and fan environment. Deron Williams tanked almost one year after he left Utah and never recovered, yet with Utah he was the best or at least second PG in the league. Carlos Boozer had the same downfall too. Does anyone remember Al Jefferson anymore? With Utah the guy was playing on a team that prioritized centers getting points in the paint and was their 'highlight reel' guy. Since he left for the Hornets his position as a big man getting points down low has no priority. Does anyone even realize he's with the Pacers now? He probably can only expect the league minimum wherever he goes now.

  • most people here just hate the miami heat lmao

  • get yo ass on okc or celtics pewdiepie looking ass

  • I'm a Laker fan and even I'll admit that Celtics should be his top choice.

  • Gordon Hayward gonna do a switch up like PG and go to the Wizards

  • they both TRASH……..

  • Pelicans. They need a all star wing player to go with Davis an Cousins

  • He's going to the bucks lol

  • People still hate Miami because of the big 3, and now that lebron and wade are gone and the heat are still a playoff team they just are jealous that their team isn’t as well run as the heat.

  • Gordon Hayward is now like Waleed Jumbulat. His decision will impact the East-West dominance…

  • Westbrook Hayward George

  • Come to Knicks

  • The Heat already a Superteam in my eyes all we need is Gordon Hayward to put us over the edge

  • I would like him to go to the Celtics, he's my favorite player, but I don't see the Celtics doing much of anything with their assets. They could have gotten Demarcus Cousins, Jimmy Butler, or Paul George. Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Al Horford. Would have been niceeeeee. But Danny Ainge is just waiting for LeBron to retire. At least they have one more Nets pick! Lul. Here's to 2021 and beyond 😂

  • Spurs is waiting for you GH20

  • I just hope he goes East, the amount of talent going West right now makes me sad. On the flipside I wouldn't mind seeing Utah finish what they started, they've put together a solid team.

  • lebron should partner up with westbrook