Gordon Hayward And Paul George Could Make Celtics A Superteam | SportsCenter | ESPN

Brian Windhorst discusses the possibility of the Boston Celtics building a superteam if they acquire Gordon Hayward and Paul George in NBA free agency.

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  • Well that's what you have to do to dethrone the Cavs in the east

  • My Celtics would be foolish to give up their assessts for Paul George. We would only get him for a year before he goes to L.A

    ALTHOUGH, if he did come to Boston would he go to L.A? With the rivarly and all it would look a little strange but loyalty, sports and business only goes but so far.

  • If they get both. Bron not making it out the east πŸ˜‚

  • C L

    I hate superteams but at least if there are 4 or 5 if them the playoffs could be somewhat interesting unlike this year

  • dantoni teams never win

  • πŸ”₯πŸ€πŸ”₯πŸ€β˜˜πŸ€πŸ”₯πŸ€πŸ”₯

  • no they wouldn't be a super team, the team would be all messed up, they need a Power Forward and a Center.

  • Carrie tho😚

  • Wth if they both join that would make another dream team, like the warriors.

    I believe 3 superstars, make a super team. They already have Thomas and Alford if they get either Paul or Gordon they take the Cavs to 6/7 games who wins idk.

    But if both join that could be a better team than the Warriors..


  • Me, an intellectual:Gordon Hayward
    You, a yokel:Paul George

  • what happens to the reg teams they are just lunch meat to the super teams getting fat on there wins.and why are salaries threw the roof now .i heard somebody might get 200 million for 4 or 5 years dam what is that 600.000 a game so thats150.000 a quarter.so someone making 150.000 dollors for 11 min a game taking the time they might rest a quarter.wow shit is real in the NBA.where and when this shit happen

  • I like Gordon Hayward as a player but I'm not sure he turns the Celtics into a "super team"

  • How about Anthony Davis

  • I would love for the Celtics to get George and Hayward and take down the Cavs. Then they can battle my Warriors. That would be a great series.

  • leggggooo dr strainge #celticpride

  • lmao George & Hayward wouldn't make the Celtics a superteam this guy knows nothing about BxBall they still couldn't beat the Cavs George is injury prone and Hayward sucks against Elite competition..

  • Id go to miami

  • I would t consider them a "super team" there all above average players but nothing special in my eyes especially Hayward


  • ☘️

  • PG isn't going to the Celtics

  • Hell no bring PG to Houston

  • Her… "so tell me about this jordan haywood, is he any good at baseball?"

  • Celts could've gotten porzingod…

    …If phil jackson stayed on knicks:(

  • These two make a good team to listen to. Knowledgeable, clear and calm

  • I just realized his name is Paul what kinda of black man is name Paul so used to it as one name paulgeorge

  • who else has a feeling that lebron might not make the finals this upcoming season (no hating I'm a lebron fan)?

  • why isn't anyone really serious about going to the spurs? that is a great organization.

  • bruh lets be clear celtics are not getting both these players like come paul george doesn't want to go to celtics and even if he does he will just leave at the end of the year. Listen his most likely places go are the cavs or the rockets. As for hayward man i don;t even think this guy mate leave utah like the money he can get that and the way his team performed last season it seems more than likely he will stay rather than leave

  • Paul George and Gordon Hayward would destroy the cavs – cavs fan… cavs so overrated

  • PG and Hayward would make pretty much every team a super team

  • yea but who tf wants to play in Boston… Hayward is going to the Heat!!!

  • Why do people dont understand, that 2 superstars SF on the same team, will never happen, anybody will give up the SF position…

  • "Didnt sound like a big name right off the top" … fuck off cari champion. You dumb idiot. Hayward is a damn all star. She should not be on ESPN. Knows nothing about sports besides dick riding her LA Lakers.

  • Let him talk cari fucking dumbass

  • Her wig is distracting!!!

  • watch celtics get nothin

  • Meanwhile in Sacramento….

  • If the celtics get both hayward and paul george can they still have enough caps space to sign IT thats four max player

  • If Gordon left, why would Pg go to JAzz?

  • so do you think that Thomas+Hayward+Pg13 can beat the warriors and the cavs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nahhh they can't

  • why would you trade all your young assets for a one year rental?

  • wow ESPN is so bad what happened

  • if utah was in the east with thier current roster they would of been in the nba finals

  • B PG just went to OKC β›½πŸ’¨πŸ”₯ Russ/PG CP/TheBeard shit gettin crazy Fam

  • Ha nope

  • if these teams really want Gordon hayward they better damn schedule a meeting with his wife…gordon's hot wife will decide and ultimately convince gordon to go to whatever city she wants to go…gordon's gonna follow her for sure…