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  1. Goodz is buggin…..Battling and Cyphers are 2 different things….i'm 36 and I will come out of retirement right now and send your soul in a cypher…. lol damn son about to lose mad money lol

  2. So I tried to sign up.
    But these niggas charged me 500 dollars to spit 36 bars.
    How am I gonna explain that to my landlord?
    Fuck you robbing ass niggas.

    Ain't no hood nigga gonna be able to pay this shit.
    Unless you slanging..
    and I ain't trynna get locked up…

    This message crushed my hopes and dreams…
    If you feel my pain…
    Watch my montage..

    I'm underground ass nigga..
    Everyone in my State hates me cus my style unbeatable…
    Cus I'am actually just being me…

    "Thank you for inquiring about The cypher challenge powered by Goodz
    and distributed by URL.

    Serious inquires will need to send a 60 second audition video. Once
    your video is viewed by an elite battle rap panel you will be sent an
    email with further details on contest date. Every candidate will have
    3 weeks to prepare for the cypher.

    Fees and Conditions
    {All fees are non refundable}

    24 Bars – $300(Access Fee Deposit $150)
    36 Bars – $500(Access Fee Deposit $250)

    Your access fee deposit need to be paid 48 hours after you receive a
    congratulations email to secure your spot. Failure to pay within 48
    hours you will be disqualified. The remainder of the access fee will
    need to be paid in full two weeks before the cypher.

    Remember only 5 will be selected to participate in the cypher. Please
    send your best Bars.

    Thank you

    GoodzGMB Entertainment"

  3. Thats a crazy idea🔥🔥 that could be a whole nother branch of content
    They could have cyper competitions! It will atract a whole diferent bread of rappers not just battles rappers

  4. Let me start off by saying goodz is nice. He got bars definitely but…… U not fuckin wit lux,mook,roc and surf in a cypher. Look at they hot 97 cyphers and then goodz. I know u got a million people in your inbox. Im do a cypher and leave the link by sunday and Im hit u. Gmb all day. Nice wit it upstate

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