“It’s a farce…it’s an amateur against one of the greatest fighters of era…how is this mutt going to touch him…it hurts boxing…it shouldn’t have been made,” stated Abel Sanchez, world-class trainer of Gennady Golovkin, who shared his thoughts on the highly-anticipated cross-sport mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Check it out!


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  • Shut the fuck up you Mexican fuck. You gonna et your fucking words. Come August 26th.

  • Why are people bitter? If anything this will breathe life back into boxing. It is not like the UFC didn't let James Toney come to the UFC and fight Randy Couture because it would make the sport look bad. If what these haters says is true, then Connor gets his ass whooped and no UFC fighter tries to take on anymore elite boxers, and they can keep clamoring on about how UFC fighters cannot hang with pro. boxers.

  • "A guy that never had a pro fight"…ok

  • oh no's Floyd will make a couple hundred million against an MMA fighter, what about us. Boo hoo. If you don't want to watch it then don't. Get of the man's back, wtf. He's retired and old. Let him fight who he wants. He has no title. Stop bitching.

  • ha ha ha, this is not a fight buddy. this is a boxing competition. we all know what would happen if one of the greatest fighters in the world Connor fought one of the guys who was never in a real fight(Mayweather). it would be murder.
    why do some people still call boxing a fight is beyond me. we have a sport of fighting. it is called mma. and then we have other sports like tennis, soccer, boxing ….which have (almost)nothing to do with fighting

  • how does it hurt boxing u reatrd

  • could them gloves on conor be any bigger

  • McGregor has 1% chance to win against Mayweather in Boxing and 100% in MMA!

  • white people are guillable and will account for 80% of the PPVs for this fight. They'll all be mostly MMA fans too.

  • 50-0

  • Ggg will knock canelo out in round 10 on September the 16th

  • Abel you fucking hating ass pinto bean

  • I can not be more agreed. This is a disrespect for the most beautiful sport.

  • Mayweather needs to hella jab the shit out of McGregor with 1,2,3
    combinations while sliding to the left using the shoulder role.
    Mayweather also needs to do a little mma training as to get around some
    one holding and weighing him down on the ropes and not get pop shotted
    while trying to get away from that left of McGregor.

  • McGregor is not stupid he only shows what he wants people to see, he has
    openly and clearly stated this with other fights he has had. So
    whatever McGregor has shown speed that up by three. McGregor has
    gymnastic like balance and amazing reflexes as he is a counter puncher.
    He knows how to cut off a corner or imply distance. McGregor has stated
    only guys longer and bigger like Nate Diaz can beat him.

  • I hope this reaches Floyd, McGregor has openly stated that he wants a
    fight not a boxing match. Floyd can not under estimate McGregor,
    McGregor entered combat sports boxing and liked MMA more so he switched
    but has a deep understanding of boxing. McGregor will approach the fight
    to grapple or lock up Floyd to frustrate him and use toe stomping with
    other boxing schemes to get Floyd off his game. McGregor doesn't care to
    out box Floyd but to beat him by any legal or unseen means as necessary
    in the ring. McGregor has a chin so he will be willing to take two or
    three to give one BIG one.

  • Haters gonna hate lol

  • I bet if it would be egg vs mcgregor it would make more sense go Sanchez fag!

  • a circus is what it will be and mcgregor the mutt will be humiliated and rich

  • 49~1.

  • u gona regret what u just said on 26 august old man

  • Conor probably quits first before geting knocked out, just the same way he did against Nate Diaz before.

  • Hurts mmgay not boxing 100%