Giovanni Confsesses to Sleeping with His Cousin on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. JASON… NIGGA: You are CONSTANTLY coming for black women, mostly dark-skinned ones. They are not "hating" on Cardi B. Nobody is hating on Cardi B as an individual.. they are hating on the society that promotes a Cardi B over an Azalea Banks or any of the 1000 other dark skin black sisters who have CRAZY talent. The entertainment industry is FUCKED UP. Black women, who tend to be the MOST TALENTED, and the FORERUNNERS for MOST of entertainment culture are ALWAYS left in the dust with tore up nose jobs and music videos with 200 views on myspace. This nigga is always coming at black women because he doesn't know what it's like to have a BLACK MOTHER.. he NOR Melyssa do. I bet they BOTH grew up with moms who were jealous as FUCK of what black women had to offer and the black women that (apparently since both come from broken homes) took BACK their men! The only reason yall are "so happy"
    for Cardi B is because you see her star rising and you realize you have an "in" with her and you don't wanna fuck that up. Just like the rest of fake ass Hollywood. If that girl had ONE bad thing to say about you, you'd be like "she's only poppin because she's a hoe" or some shyt.. Fake ass!

  2. Melissa is so full of it. She always talk down to Gio and curse at him but she wouldn't dare do that to Jason. She want Gio to tell all his business but she won't tell any of hers. Saying our fans really like when we come up off our personal information. Gio don't think quick enough but Jason should have called her on it.

  3. Jason is a racist against darker skinned women. Why do darker skinned women always have to be haters? People project out what THEY truly believe don't put that hating on Cardi shit on blk women Jason that's ALL YOU. Melissa annoying AF she constantly contradicts herself and she thinks she's better than a lot of women that come on the show. Like bitch please go somewhere and freeze those eggs cuz your attitude is old and you aint FRESH.

  4. Yassss Jason for that true Gabrielle tea everyone tries to sweep away. Furthermore I think she wanted him to have a baby outside the relationship. SHE DOES NOT WANT THEM. For years she says she wasn’t ready. Now at damn near 50 you having miscarriages. Bye Gabby

  5. As much as they taunt an disrespect him, Gio the only one “booked and busy” in their terminology. Jason rides the coat tail of Floyd and I honestly don’t know what Melyssa does. They are both self absorbed and swear their shit don’t stink. I love the show, however let Gio express his opinion and play his part on the show

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