GGN Kat Dahlia & Snoop

Nemo & Kat discuss her projects, BB King, Anchor Man, Sea World, strip clubs and more. This week on GGN u-funky-bitch-u… Stormy fronts just wants to talk about t*ts.

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Director: John Mazyck
Executive Producer: Ian Mallitz
Director of Photography: Braden Duemmler
Producer: Ron Alvarez
Editor: John Mazyck



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  1. That song they played for this girl was pretty fuvkin good.. If she makes those type of songs on the regular then she can get big in my opinion lol it's just a plus she's mad cute

  2. snoops a real ass dude, always keeps it real. I like that strip club comment. it's so gay when dudes talk bout spending 40k in a strip club… idec if you waste mad cash on chains or stupid shit because you keep it. but even $15 is too much for a dumb bimbo to make in 2min

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