Gervonta Davis on False Assault Charge from Brother Costing Him His Belt (Part 6)

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Gervonta Davis opened up about getting an assault charge in 2017 after an argument with his brother, which was later charged. He explained that the situation was a shakedown between his brother and his brother’s friend to take him for $10,000.

During the conversation, Gervonta spoke about not having a family and not owning anyone anything, as he believes that he got to where he’s at without help from anyone. To hear more, including how the situation cost Gervonta his belt, hit the above clip.



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  1. No excuses, he just has no discipline. He has lots of potential but his hood mentality hurts him. Instead of hanging around the wrong people he should look at where he’s at where came from and see the bigger picture.

  2. Is it just me are this white dude only post negative shit about black people. If he don't post positive shit this year lets not watch his shit. He heard how strong his laugh was when he ask about when they where small if they fight and who one. Question again why he don't post the negative shit with white rappers like post malone, lil pump etc..

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