Funk Flex Interviews Diddy | #WeGotaStoryTell008

Diddy Talks Getting Fired, Managing LL Cool J, Where He 1st Met J. Lo & More


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  • We all make mistakes and may be accountable indirectly for a unfortunate event but that doesn't mean you should continue to beat yourself down for it. Remember… The crime is not about making mistakes in life the crime is about not learning from them. Big ups to Diddy… A blackman who made mistakes in his life and kept his head up to keep moving forward while making a "positive" statement to the world for people of color which is the real story here.

  • diddy said fuck you…thats my bottleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Pretty sure those hating on Puff wouldn't say 1/2 that shit to his face but instead be starstruck and go into groupie mode! πŸ˜’…

  • Sheesh will he let Puff finish his thoughts tho .. He is the guest bro

  • puffy you bitch.

  • 3:25 he talks about "servicing artists backstage". We all know what he's talking about, that's exactly how he got to where he is; Illuminati dick be smelling like Diddy's shit! Diddy, Jay-z, Dre….we know Dre been wearing high heels for decades….look at what happened to Eazy, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kanye's on his way there. it's not a fucking game!

  • This brother flex gotta get a new charger.His charger f'ed up

  • flex just said tommy you got money you got j lo you naggin her out but diddy had her LMAO

  • This is so seductive their voice their swag in this interview …I love it good interview πŸ˜‰

  • who's a worst interviewer
    flex or nore

  • Legend ever since his prime. Take that

  • Wegotastorytell AKA Flex talk for 1hour and 16 mins and DIDDY talk for 3 minutes. LET THE GUESTS TALK man

  • diddy killed 2pac

  • some of you niggas up on here sayin good things about dude he paid people to testify against shyne when he shot up a party he ratted out dude so he wouldn't go to prison

  • flex is the most real dj out there. hate it or love it

  • funk flex chats too god damn much!! Let ur guests speak my g!!!

  • Safaree looks like Diddy Lowkey


  • flex sucks. he has no interview skills I want to spit in his face because he sucks so bad

  • Is Puff drinking like a fish early in the morning??

    I'm starting to see that , that millionaire hip hop mogal lifestyle ain't all that it seems to be…….πŸ™

  • i cnt stand flex real talk

  • this interview was 1 hour and 10 minutes Flex talked for 45 minutes out of that hour

  • as i sit back relax/steam a blunt , sip a BECKS/ think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex/I probably go to jail for fucking Patti LaBelle Ooh Regina Belle/she'd probably do me swell

  • Flex is acting like this is his Instagram live he talks too much talks More Than a Woman