Freeway Rick on El Chapo’s Hidden Fortune: The Government is Lying

Arguably one of the biggest hustlers during the 1980’s, Freeway Rick sat day with DJ Vlad for an exclusive interview where the two discuss the drug epidemic. In this clip, Ricky Ross explains El Chapo’s capture and the government’s tendency to embellish the truth. Ricky is confused as to why El Chapo would consent to an interview after having escaped from jail, deeming it nonsensical considering the complete isolation he will endure at U.S. prisons. Watch above.


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  • Mac Lucci's uncle

  • Fifty gotta do him Justice and do his show.

  • He's right People still think cocaine is more deadly than heroin. lol

  • Los dias de la muertos! Viva la Sinaloa!

  • that strong cut shit hes speaking of is fetanyl. believe me

  • i would really love to see an interview with freeway rick and the imposter (rick ross) in the same room

  • Escobar did that too , he would invite national soccer players to play with him. And actors

  • fentanyl and carfentanyl got bodies dropping.

  • yea cause aint nobody die from your product 😒

  • vlad sound like a cop.
    redy 2 incrimnate sombdy so he can snitch & get a promotion

  • El chapo will be out soon

  • Vlad: "what do you think about the new dealers now a days"
    Rick Ross: "ummm well I thin-"
    Vlad: "how many people died?"

  • Why do some people call Heroin, Heron and others call Heron, Heroin? Is it like tomahtoes and tomaytoes?

  • YUP, I live near York, PA. Heroin is a problem around here. People still gonna make money because of it but they dont care. Making your money but yall killing people. SMH.

  • All that sniffing n shit

  • Chapo's hidden fortune is worth zero if it's in US dollars. A room full of paper is a room full of paper.

  • If anyone is wondering what he meant when he said the heroin was cut with Adderall, he meant to say fentanyl. A very strong opioid. Adderall is a mild stimulant.

  • All I wanna be is el chapo

  • I saw all these new Rick Ross interviews from Vlad, and the interview was pretty weak on Vlad's part. I expected more from his inquiry, the first series of interviews he did with Ross a year ago was way better

  • Interview

  • Ross took this niggas life, his name AND his fuckin beard smh.. how the fuck you take a nigga beard??

  • Rick Ross was a CIA Pawn….VLad devil ass would love it.

  • Thats what Pablo did,picked his own prison. Which was more like a resort

  • When you're by yourself like that, the devil and the dead haunt you bigtime.

  • You would have to know the politics here in Mexico to understand. Everyone is bought off. He was betrayed by the government. Look what's going on here now, because of it.

  • Everybody forgetting about Freeway from philly? He stole Rick Ross's st name and beard too. Smfh

  • the more and more I listen to vlad he come off as a agent. the questions he ask and the statement he makes seems revealing

  • Niggas be gone on that hair-ron and other potent opie-oads

  • Ricky has serious eyes.
    lots of respect for this man.

  • met him on several occasions, good brotha right there..

  • Vlad asks questions that the Feds would like to know

  • all the bros need to boycott Vlad dumb ass
    let him build his shit from his own culture…

  • Chapo turned out to be a lame for pussy.

  • I live near YORK, PA and one of the DA's son overdose and died from heroin not to long ago..and they are giving 25 to life sentences in my county…they aren't playing!!

  • real ass nigga here

  • The Real Rick Ross is Rosayy 305 MIA YO. idk who this old has been is,but he ain't the real Rick Ross. This dude way too small wtf copied his,name or something. This old hag ain't got nothing on real maybach music. I bet this old dustbag Doesnt have half the money that Rozzay has. Real maybach real Bentleys and,good music. So vlad why you interviewing this washed up wanna be? this dude looks like a str8 up crackhead

  • Man you gotta love the real rick Ross 🤙🏾

  • RDA

    HAIRON must be a new drug these days.

  • I watched this and went straight to a Rick ross song.. the f**k

  • The flamboyant ones always get caught

  • El Chapo IS GOVERNMENT, thats why u cant understand his moves LOL

  • Damn you were in York pa brah???? lol I can't believe I missed it

  • I agree with freeway on this one. chapo pretty much let his guard down for some actor and a white girl right after he broke out of jail. Mann I swear mexicans got a weak bone for white people. smh

  • Lil Duval

  • Freeway Rick who you fooling you was killing people not with heroin but with ready rock aka crack cocaine.. you wasn't just selling cocaine to Hollywood celebrities stop it my nigga!

  • agree with rick 100% el chapo fukd up with that interview

  • he "thinks" it's hyped up to be. While the coast guard seizes 554m worth of Coke in 1 catch… how many of them do think have made it though just this year? Lol. At this time there's only 4 big players in the world. El chapo, mayo zambada, Carrillo Fuentes brothers & Arellano Felix brothers. Each riding around Mexico in caravans from around 15-20 trucks, 4 sicarios in each. on a light day. All of them making around 5k per week each. Y'all make the math. All while paying off local federales & the us dea. All this is public knowledge. Yet his money is hyped… lol this fool nothing but a snitch

  • Fuck Jerry Maguire show that nigga Dub the money!

  • Freeway yo ass gone end up back in the Feds doing Vlad interviews lol

  • I was born in York, Pennsylvania S/O the 717!!