“Conor McGregor is not going to go the distance…the only time he’s going to touch Mayweather is when they touch gloves,” stated former title challenger and Mayweather opponent Angel Manfredy, who shared his thoughts on the highly-anticipated cross-sport mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Check it out!


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  • i saw some comments saying that this gentleman had a stroke and if so I appolgize for my comments regarding him eating during the interview…

  • Let's get real, in the Pound-for-pound ranking Conor is only the fifth-best MMA fighter.

  • This dude has it all wrong. Mayweather STARTED this whole thing by talking trash on Conor Mcgregor. AFTER he got into it with Ronda Rousey. If ANYONE needs the other Floyd needs Conor more then Conor needs Floyd otherwise Floyd wouldn't have pressed the issue. We haven't even seen the start of Conor's trash talk. Right now he's training his ass off. One week before the fight he's going to relentlessly get into the head of Mayweather in a media assault that will crush Mayweather into defeat before he even steps into the ring.

    Floyds needs this moniecashduckets as a retirement plan. Shit, when your spending money on chinchilla carpets for your car that prolly cost half a million bucks, your blowing your wad. This moniecashduckets will able him to sleep well rested at night. Conor? Conor has NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. Not many guarantees in life but I think it's safe to say Floyd will not knock out Conor and the fight will either go to a decision and Mayweather will win by points, or Conor will mollywhap the fuck out of Floyd in the 1st or 2nd round with a combination of hard ass punches to Floyd's face and head that he will fall to the ground like Jose Aldo and Eddie alveres did.

    What ever the outcome , this fight will be satisfying and entertaining none the least. For anyone to say otherwise is either a hater, or just an idiot.

  • I remember Angel Manfreddy Just!

  • "Thisth isth not MMA, slurp, slurp suck. MMA isth fighting, nummnum num slurp."
    Boxing isth, slurp, num numslurp, Isthn't fightin, slurp, Boxin isth difficult, sluuurp, gulp."

  • "every fighter start standing up how you supposed to get to a fighter too fast for you in mma" dude get in a ring with anyone who trains and youll see what getting kicked in the face feels like

  • Why he sound like he swallowed a gallon of plastic?

  • I glad this slurping, muttering fuck wit got his face smashed in lol.

  • When did Angel Bumfredy ever perfected the sweet science? he couldn't punch. his defense was not very good

  • Conor would choke Gayweather out in under 40 seconds. fuck out of here bum

  • Why do we need to listen to these punch drunk bums pedictions. they struggle to tie thier shoe laces. why do these bums get a say?

  • Floyd yet again always avoiding the stiffest challenges at the stiffest times. He could have fought his wba mandatory in Thurman but did not. He could have fought a 2009 Pacquiao but did not, instead made baseless accusations. He could have fought a prime Moseley but did not. He could have took the De La Hoya rematch but did not. He could have have come back for Charlo, Lara, Porter, Brook, Spence – but did not. This is why he isn't close to TBE. Sugar Ray Leonard would have popped his ass like his old man got popped.

  • Damn Angel is slurring his speech bad. So sad.

  • dis guy needs to stop fukin chewing the rude cunt

  • if its just a money fight then…..conner will win…..the rematch mayweather will win…..3rd match …toss up

  • He sounds like a hungry drunk .with damaged speech from getting smacked in the head for 1000 yrs.

  • Thats rude, eating while doing a interview.

  • wait, is it MMA?

  • Yeah, he was training when he was three or four years old. His dad would pick him up and hold him while he punched the punching bag. It was real Joe Jackson Micheal Jackson type shit. I would have become a Champion too if my father beat me for not throwing a left hook or an uppercut when I was just a nine-year-old kid. He said his father would make him run ten miles in army boots when he was ten. Same thing with De La Hoya, Tim Bradly and Roy Jones.

  • how dare you suck a dick and do a phone interview at the same time. it's one or the other asshole.

  • If Mayweather is such a bad-ass (LMAO), then PLEASE tell me why every video he posted is Disabled.
    Momma's boy Mayweather is afraid to see the truth. This is why his ridiculous videos are disabled.
    Floy, grow some balls and accept that Connor will knock you OUT.
    It is coming little boy.
    get ready…..


  • He's choking on his Nicorette……

  • hes eating and talking , get the shit outta ur mouth so we can hear u properly

  • they're not going to touch gloves

  • wrestling starts standing up just like boxing. that's why in mma it's not uncommon for a wrestler to take down the striker. wrestlers do get knocked out but boxing footwork isn't going to save you from a high level wrestler. I know boxers get punched in the head a lot, but don't be delusional when it comes to straight boxing vs striking + grappling/wrestling

  • this dick head manfredy or what ever he's so fucking rude he's eating at same time as giving this interview at times you can barely make out what he's saying and anything can happen Macregor will kick his arse plus for you to say MMA is not as real as boxing you pussy you wouldn't last 10 seconds id dislocate your nose and send your eye brow half way around your head arse wipe

  • and tell this dude that's sucking a dick to do that shyt on his own time not in an interview wtf lol

  • For me when Floyd knocked Angel out in 2 rounds on HBO waayyy back in Ninteen Hundred and Ninety Eight, HBO immediately took him into the stratosphere!!!!!!! His 5 knockdown destruction of than undefeated world champion Diego Corrales was for me the loudest coming out party any athlete ever had. In the 20 years since Floyd hasn't remotely looked back!!!! R.I.P. Forever Diego, Always!!!!!! George Foreman had a classic comment as he was doing the fight, When he said to the effect " This kid is special either They'll pay him now or pay him later, but this kid is gonna get paid." 2 one hundred million dollar purses in a 3 fight span. Man Gtfoh!!!!! No pro Athlete can talk to Floyd about bread,cheese or dough. Lol

  • manfredy was the man cocaine got him

  • good athletes can stay on top of their game until about 45.

  • what was he suckin on???

  • This dude sound like he took a serious DP in the mouth in a gay porno flick!

  • Dude on the phone has no home training

  • chicken mayweather

  • Geez! This is ridiculous. The dude doesn't even have the courtesy to stop chewing and chomping his food. Probably punch drunk…What a pig.

  • I bet Conor lasts longer than Manfredy did vs. Floyd.

  • You guys talking about him slurping realize he has had a stroke?!? Show some damn compassion to a past champion who now has challenges with basic life skills you a-holes take for granted.

  • Sounds like he's having nasal chewing gum issues.

  • Manfredy is a total Joke….You will eat your words loser

  • I can't stand smackers,much less one that doesn't have enough sense to not eat while they're in an interview

  • I'm not interested in listening to this pig chew on food and make no sense.

  • connor fighting floyd is like michael phelps challenging hussein bolt to the 100 meter dash, no chance of winning for phelps by the odds. connor is probably in it for the money, after all, boxing bouches generate millions of dollars as oppose to a mere thousands an mma fighter receives in mma.

  • You can barely hear what this nuts saying?? Stuffing his mouth while on a podcast? Come on brother, no point on giving an opinion if you can only understand every 5th word

  • My god stop stuffing your face man y'all catch this guy after he's done eating his Wendy's damn

  • lol the only time McGregor will hit is when they touch gloves haha. look i know it's a money fight let's get that clear. McGregor knows that he has a chance at least he tells himself that. could he somehow get lucky and win? sure because it's a contact sport but it's not likely. i want him to win because it would be crazy. look if it's not finished by the 4th or 5th round McGregor has 0% chance.

  • urgh, so annoying hearing this interview. his eating while talking, so gauche…and the smacking is like scratching a chalkboard.

  • Are we sure this ain't butter bean on the phone???? Mutha Fucka ate a whole meal over the phone hahahaha