Undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather is putting in hard work for his highly-anticipated cross-sport mega-fight with UFC multi-division champion Conor McGregor, but he’s also taking the time to have a good time. Check out the scene as Mayweather flexes and shows off some of his dance moves after a recent late-night training session, where he got in a quick 7 rounds of sparring.



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  1. After the fight between Pac and Horn…That's a warning for Floyd…the judges is going to cheat but Floyd really need to fight or don't allow dude to hit him.

  2. So as of now it's been 2 days since he posted this with only 93k views and Conor posted one Vid a day ago with 305k views. It's quite obvious who the one that should've got paid more in this fight.

  3. these the same people that thought for sure Manny was gon beat mayweather. just like they guaranteed canelo was gon knock him out…foh this man dont have not even 1% chance.

  4. Haha it's embarrassing at the beginning of the vid Mayweather flexing his biceps.  He has weedy little biceps & doesn't have particularly strong arms, not even particularly a hard hitter.  He is one of the best naturally talented & defensive boxers of all time.  His boxing mind & skills are that of a master.  His physique & power are not his strong points but his stamina & ability to adapt his tactics to best trouble his opponents are 🙂

  5. he's flexing on conor when conor is in better shape than floyd can ever dream of conor train's his hole body intensely and floyd just train's upper body intense and the rest of his body just fall's into shape conor would give floyd 49 fight's worth of brain damage in one mma fight so either way conor win's because the only way floyd can win is under a certain set of rule to keep floyd alive lol

  6. I hate Floyd's training style, it seems so useless, he's not building explosive power nor strength, just endurance. I feel that all that he has accomplished was always because of his natural talent, not his training and hard work.

  7. Lmaoo poor Conor doesn't know what his Irish ass is getting into. Stepping into grown man territory and now you just gonna get embarrassed. All that bark but no bite

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