Future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather is set to kick off a four-city world tour to promote his highly-anticipated cross-sport mega-fight with UFC star Conor McGregor. Check out the scene as Mayweather departed Las Vegas on a private jet and made his way to Los Angeles to begin the tour.


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  • all that stuff ain't worth shit if your spirit is rotten.

  • Everybody mad talking about who gonna win between floyd and conor this motherfuckers already won when they both signed the contract after the fight it is going to be apparent after everybody returns to their miserable lives and these two continue living the high life .

  • He had to sell his other 2 jets to pay his taxes

  • I personally disagree the fight between Mayweather and Mcgregor. boxing vs martial acts no. like Soccer vs Basketball

  • Mayweather beats Ben from Fight Hype via UD 12

  • Lmao renting a jet n callin it air wayweather…u dnt have "private jet money" but its cool enjoy rentals

  • he looks old. he might get rocked

  • he looks skinny. you sleeping ok ??

  • "If it's Donald Trump or Bill Gates or someone of that stature, then they can talk. But if they aren't on that level y'all can fall back." Lmfao…shit was real…

  • This man is living the dream!

  • amazing how much they hate But he's so unbothered . and rich asf..

  • let's begin Money!!! 50-0

  • So you have a jet and you chartered another one 😂 savage well done
    Oh McGregor chartered and jet also and he is around like 2 years 😂 oh did you pay your tax bill..?

  • Its a rental Jet..LOL ..Zetta jet.

    Address: 10676 Sherman Way, Burbank, CA 91505
    Phone: (800) 558-6867

  • must be easy money to be his barber I don't even know how to cut hair but I know how to shave a head

  • What a prick. 49-1

  • BrandonHeat92 the young mcregor is scared. Mayweather started the trash talking conor stole from him and hes been in this position a thousand times. It's the biggest fight of conors life but just another fight for Floyd. So much so that he seems unmotivated foe this one.

  • Yeah…he is gonna lose…

  • This guys up floyds arse

  • tko 1 round

  • Floyd you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Floyd is comin to Toronto? WooHoo!!!!!!!

  • These McGregor followers and mma "fans" just can't keep themselves from watching Floyd videos. Shit's funny.
    I'm sure there's McGregor videos for them to watch, I haven't watched one but I know they exist for these guys.

  • 50-0, all day

  • Floyd by k.o in 7.

  • Of course Floyd is going to deny during press tour that the IRS is after him.


  • Im Irish and i thought Mcgregor would get the best of him in the presser but let be honest Floyd held his own and Conor got aggravated, any thoughts of Mcgregor beating Floyd are gone for me. he reignited something within Mayweather and i don't think its guna look good for Conor, 40 years old or not. I know he had the upper hand going second to talk aswel but an upper hand is still an upper hand, and that's what it seems like atm.

  • is it just me or anyone else reading the comments in ur head with the mcgregor accent lul

  • Gayweather is finished!!!

  • Hey Floyd, who taught u octagon!!! Lmao 😂

  • Flying around the world while your opponent trains for the fight….great strategy dude.

  • conor fans act like he's undefeated and act like he hasn't already been out boxed and strangled by a non pro boxer I don't get it