“Sometimes we can go out there and voice our opinions, but it’s best that we just keep our mouths shut and not say nothing at all…I really shouldn’t have spoke on the situation…so many young fighters look up to me…I want to come on the record and apologize to Virgil Hunter…I want to apologize to Andre Ward,” stated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather, who apologized to both Virgil Hunter and Andre Ward for comments he made about the trainer. Check it out!


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  • Good to see him acknowledge the Champ yet there's A reason Ward is a champion N Virg is a Big part of that N the reason virg took his words with a grain of salt N kept it Moving. They got there own thing N Ward is an Walking example of the Bay way.#Hustlers

  • floyd's remarks about virgil and ward was stupid

  • "A lot of these fighters, they are heavy punchers but front runners".
    What does "front runners" mean in this context?

  • Mad respect to Floyd 4 giving credit where credit is do

  • Bravo Floyd ๐Ÿ‘

  • Bravo Floyd ๐Ÿ‘

  • Well deserved

  • Big up to Floyd for his humiliation!!!

  • About time he apologized for it, but the thing is… it was uncalled for in the first place, and he only speaks about it now after Ward already won his battle and proved Floyd wrong. Floyd is a terrific fighter, but that was bogus how he talked about Ward and Hunter, and now he's just "eating crow"…although I take it as being sincere as well.

  • This is Unity!

  • Mayweather is now thinking like a man and not an immature kid.I like that shit and I'm sure Ward does too.

  • He got all the money and all the accolades but no respect from the ones that matter. Ward got the respect of the people and the boxing community. Floyd hate that about Ward. Oh and Ward got that gold medal over him

  • What happened Floyd? Why are you all of sudden back tracking on your words. You got that call from J prince, huh? Lol, you're clown man.

  • There are better ways to apologize but it's well when brothers dwell together in unity…..

  • Nice to see two brothers can come to peace with each other ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฟ

  • this nigga so fuckn corny you right u shouldn't have hated on ward & hunter you can't clean it up the damage is done I can't stand this clown nigga stop feeling yourself

  • Good Shit Floyd.. That's very classy of you brother. #Respect

  • That some man stuff right there!

  • Respect to Floyd for this

  • Mayweather was hating on Ward. Ward and Virgil made Mayweather eat his own words. Mayweather knows nothing about moving up and fighting the best in the world in their prime!!!

  • Big man chat dis

  • What did Floyd say exactly?

  • Hard work!!

  • MMA is nice. mma fans are bullshit

  • Floyd doing a lot of apologies these days. trying to appease the gods maybe? ? ๐Ÿ˜‚ primitive


  • lol watching this scared old man get closer and closer to his destiny, 49-1

  • Good

  • Needs all the friends he can get! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Gotta respect Mayweather for apologizing to Andre Ward and Virgil Hunter. It takes a real person of integrity to do that.

  • You can now see even more that retirement is on the horizon for Floyd. Can you see the transition in the interviews from Money May to Floyd Mayweather. The Humility he suppresses for the sake of promotion is beginning to show more than ever. I sure pray that you make 50-0 Floyd. MMA fighter or not, you can't play with this one. Get wit it Floyd.

    Team TBE all Day!

  • Love this from Floyd, one master saluting another master instead of tearing down…

  • an apology but halfhearted as hell.

  • Great move,Floyd.Knock Macconor out!50-0!

  • u pussies!have to fight fo real.mayweather vs lomanchemko. Tyson vs McGregor. canelo vs triple g.i should be getting paid for my advise

  • floyd talked trash for so long andre ward never took the bait never took shots after the ko of kovalev floyd stoppped talking finally.

  • ppl need to understand something, andre ward NEVER said anything bad about floyd ever, in fact he always showed respect, floyd took several shots at both ward and the trainer virgil hunter and recently he slammed him as well about the first kovalev fight for no reason. He dont need to apologize just stop talking shit in the first place especially at a guy with class like ward who dont cause drama at press conferences for bigger paydays or say crazy things or play villain characters, he gets paid cause he gets it done. one thing floyd will never have like ward is class. I dont care about his baggage but stop talking shit.