Flashback: Treach: If 2Pac’s Alive, I’m Not Tellin – Dodges Previous “Pac in Cuba” Comments

Back in 2014, VladTV caught up with Treach, who spoke about his long friendship with 2Pac. During the conversation, Treach also addressed a previous interview where he seemed to say the last time he saw the late rapper was in Cuba.

During the discussion, Treach also addressed a previous interview where he appears to say the last time he saw the late rapper was in Cuba. When asked to go into more detail about the situation, Treach stated that he would never say anything if 2Pac wanted to fake his death and hide out somewhere.

To hear more of what he had to say, hit the above clip.


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  • If PAC is alive… that's a pussy move… hiding for 20 years

  • better tell before wack 100 pulls up and make you

  • He Keep tryna get views off Pac since all eyez on me came out 😂💯

  • Tupac is deader than a doorknob

  • 😂😂😂

  • Treach A Clown, Vlad A Clown, And That Broad A Entertainment HOE… They All Some Clowns Tryna Make Some Money And Get Some Views Off A Dead Man Name…. Lies, Lies, And More Lies !!! Fake, Fluke, Asses

  • Ahhhhhhhh. Shit eh. He gave it up at the end. I think Tupac round somewhere. The speaker real if Tupac was dead he'd say it straight out. But that's just my opinion

  • "FUCK OFF ME TREACH" 😒😤 -Bishop(2pac) in Juice before he killed Radamiez in the alley

  • Vlad you're a little misinformed clown, Machiavelli never faked his death you idiot.

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    she know he know something. she seems to be mk ultra ing his ass

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  • Should i buy 2pac assassination battle for Compton or murder rap?

  • "We ran into some real live ganstas…I mean PEOPLE." Haha

  • He think that's Vlad behind him…

  • treach seem like the person to bet the hell out a hoe

  • when i see some pictures with tupac actually dead in a box i will believe he is dead that fake fucking autopsy pic ain't prove shit

  • Wish he was still here!!! Crazy how obsessed we all r with PAC like he never left… I watch PAC stuff lots of times a year so ya… lol

  • what a load of bs pac is dead face it

  • She looks like she has liver cancer

  • pac couldnt keep his big mouth shut for 2 minutes let alone years

  • Wait is that the guy that was in the song of Tupac I ant mad at ya

  • Who brings their bitch in a interview

  • Let us know about "the 'pacifics' about everything that went on." O.o @ 3:35

  • Treach is a women beating piece of shit that deserves shooting.

  • who and the fuck is he talking 2,maybe he got a ear affection

  • get off this nigga pac dick, movie aint a classic and you posting videos like it is

  • I got here via Joe Budden

  • 2pac is dead bet that

  • Nigga having a whisper contest with his left shoulder and losing

  • pac a live

  • that bitch look like Mario chalmers with a wig….

  • 2Pac may be dead but I guarantee someone out there got his DNA and they will recreate him as a highly sophisticated cyborg it may not happen in our lifetime but rest assure that when it does happen he will no longer be known as 2Pac but rather PAC3000.

  • Of course he's alive. Why else would he make that comment? If your lived one was dead and someone asked you that question, you'd be outraged! Or at least I would. I wouldn't even be able to entertain a question like that because it would hurt so much. Anyways, That comment came after Treach already said time after time while on stage, while being recorded, "Tupac is alive I just can't tell you where because the Feds is watching." Whats two plus two? Answer: Tupac is alive. Oh and just for kicks, so is left eye. Oh and for double kicks, so is Aaliyah. One of my videos called fake crashes has a small part of the reason I say left eye is alive. How about this for a reason, her car crashed but the phone with the footage was in great shape. Rather, the phone cuts out just as the car is about to crash. Come the fuck on! In what universe could this possibly happen? Re-read please. Let these concepts really absorb. How about this, with the OJ car chase, how can people be off the freeway with signs? How could traffic be cleared out on any Los Angeles Freeway On a Friday evening? What's two plus two? Answer: OJ car chase, trial, and murder were all fake. What we watched wasn't live, it wasn't in LA and probably was computer generated. Did you ever see OJ in the car? Did you see OJ get out of the car? But you're sold on OJ being in the car right? Yeah ok..

  • What is the purpose of the chick in the background?

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  • I wonder if he did the juice audition like this?

  • He said "the Pacifics" lmfao he meant to say "specifics"

  • This nigga know he is lying he just wanted video hits. He know damn well PAC is dead he just wanted ppl to talk

  • Dude already has glasses on. Still doesnt look at the camera.

  • Vlad gonna fuck around and Interview Aaron Hernandez.