Flashback: Nikki D Recalls 2Pac Pulling His Man Piece Out on Her Friends

Back in 2015, Nikki D, the first female artist signed to Def Jam, shared a story with VladTV about 2Pac pulling his man piece out on her friends after they turned him down.

Nikki explained that while 2Pac had a real sense of confidence about him, she said that there were some insecurities that she saw as well, which played out in this incident. When asked if she saw 2Pac’s manhood, Nikki made it clear that Pac would never do that in front of her, but she laughed while saying that her friends said 2Pac was “big.”


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  • Man the interviewer name is Star if y'all aren't subscribed to his "star in the morning" YouTube page y'all are sleeeeeeping!!

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  • Pac just doing what any real nigga would have done when in a room full of hoodrats. 😎

  • America is the only country where a man can do this in front of women and, they'll get the opposite of turned on. I fuckin swear, feminism (which is nothing but man-hatred) has totally destroyed the relationship and, chemistry as a whole between men & women.

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  • a bit of necrofiliac daydreaming about 2pac is okay

  • Huh, can't believe I missed an interview from Ms. Nikki D! Must've been before I started watching this channel. Anyway, that dude interviewing… Eh, enough people have already stated the obvious. Take yo' fruity a' on with that. Talking 'bout "not that I'm interested"… #FOH

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