Flashback: Footage of 2Pac’s Last Birthday in 1996

Check out this video footage of what would end up being 2Pac’s last birthday in 1996. The footage comes from the 7 Dayz Project, which was a “behind-the-scenes peek into the last days in the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur through the eyes of his closest allies.”


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  • I swear that looks like Barack Obama

  • Why that cake look like Obama tho LOL? He did predict the future……

  • Cant fuck with Pac anymore after seeing how he serves his ketchup without shaking the bottle

  • Y'all hear Tupac call AK a culture vulture lol deadass

  • He wanted to be a gangster when he really was a ballet dancer. be true to yourself and you cany go wrong

  • PAC 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • remember the guy that sleeps on the floor can't fall outta bed

  • Is that Greg Nice? I knew he and Pac were friends didn't know he was still that close with him at that time.

  • Obama cake @ 0:04

  • This clip was better than the new movie

  • Man was a prophet, he had an Obama cake in 96!

  • thats humbling to see pac have a nice quiet celebration with the few people he cared about

  • Im starting a boycott of anything Vlad TV. whos in?

  • I saw this 2002

  • wow..seeing my man PAC go in the fridge for some ketchup brought tearz 2 my eyez.
    long live the king!

  • vlad pac dnt like police

  • Real niggas fuck with ketchup heavy! 💯😅

  • was Pac trying to tell us something

  • rip pac

  • Can't believe so many of you so called Pac fans don't know this. The picture on the cake was supposed to be Pac as a young kid.

  • Love you, Pac.

  • lol that cake was weak! looks nothing like Pac, and that's all he got 4 his bday? a few moochers hanging around eating chicken wings….lmfao..das fucked up1


  • RIP The 🐐

  • he didn't even shake the ketchup. .

  • Dnt tell me that was supposed to be Pac on that cake…. Seriously???? WTF?????

  • If you watch Tupac movie or listen to his music you shouldn't even want to hear today's music seriously

  • dayum tupac pulled out the costco size ketchup B4 costco existed, he really is a prophet lol

  • This the definition of Struggle Footage right here. Lmao. Vlad trying to capitalise off the Pac movie.

  • tupac would of loved Drake music.

  • who is that on the cake? the actor that played PAC look more like him then that pic

  • May the west coast reign FOREVER

  • pac was all quiet he knew it was death around the corner

  • Dam he left too soon…smfh

  • RIP Tupac Shakur