Flashback: Footage of 2pac Meeting Duck Down to Record “1Nation”

Flashback to when Tupac gives a friendly greeting to Duck Down members before heading in the studio to record “1Nation,” which was captured for the upcoming Tupac documentary “7 Dayz.”. Pac can be seen smiling and happy as he describes the project he was working on.

R.I.P. Pac

Support the documentary here – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/7dayz/7dayz


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  • 🐐🐐

  • Never forget Vlad asked was Tupac alive when Ether was made

  • When the greatest goes away, then the bar gets lower instead of higher

  • see my boy dru ha outthere. lol

  • Sean P and Pac on a track together!!! Crazy!!

  • " Tupac is a God man " – Nas aka godson

  • rip tupac God took him early

  • that album would have shook Hip Hop then he would have had his own label Makaveli records he would have put so many people on he would have had a freaking Army behind him Treach Scarface MC Breed, badass, Gonzo, cebo , boot camp, Richie Rich, just to name a few of course the Outlaws, Run-DMC he was talking to them and he was talking to NAS at the end and he was probably going to put him on Makaveli or one nation he would have definitely destroy his enemies with that & he would have definitely had others especially from down south the real down south rappers probably UGK before they got big

  • Vlad rarely interviews white rappers only want niggas caught up huh?

  • Over saturation bro wtf cool it on the 2pac it's like 25% of your uploads lately

  • classic footage,yo. I bet you 'Pac knew about Decept. Notice'Pac always had a glow about him that made him always stand out amongst others, word up. RIP Pac.

  • 1 nation under a groove, gettin down just foooor the fuck of it!

  • Bone Thugs n Harmony was gonna be on this too. Repping the midwest.


  • Vlad has become a flashback channel , no interesting content? because nobody fucks with you lol

  • I heard "Black Grass" at the end. I wonder what they were cooking up.

  • There was never "east coast-west coast beef". It was 2pac vs. Biggie, Suge vs. Puffy, Deathrow vs. Badboy. All or almost all of Pac's Outlawz crew were from New Jersey, right next to NYC.

  • Its funny how the Boot Camp guys are so happy to see Tupac.

  • DOPE

  • Tupac was a homosexual

  • Pac must have been short as I've met steele and he's tiny

  • YOOOOO!!!!! VLAD. please get PROZAK from strange music on your show…dude has so much talent and i feel he's not getting the exposure he deserves, he outshines 80% of these new cats, and i think it would make for some good watching, he has so much to share, you can tell by his music….make it happen bro, everyone needs to hear about this dude….

  • 2pac > hip-hop !!!

  • Niggaz loved 2pac soooo much man..R.I.P. (Return If Possible) GOAT

  • I remember when Pac got shot the second time and I wasn't shocked one bit. He used to run his mouth A LOT! Every interview he did towards the end he was being an asshole and talking mad shit. I was shocked when he died, though. I really thought he would survive the shooting.

  • P G

    ya'll know pac hidin out in cuba

  • You see how happy he loooked😫

  • I have not watched the movie yet but the critics and movie goers alike seem to not be fans of how it was done. And I think it's because Tupac was way to complex for a bio-pic. There are books and there are films and Pac has to be written about and the only real films of him should be documentary films ( with his image and interviews) which in my opinion 'Tupac: Resurrection' executed perfectly.