Flashback: Faith Evans on 2Pac Shocking Her With Request for Sexual Favors

Flashback to this exclusive interview from 2015 when Faith Evans sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss hip-hop history. The R&B songstress opened up to VladTV about recording with 2Pac without knowing that he was signed to Death Row, rivals of her label Bad Boy. The famed singer says she started piecing together the situation after walking in and seeing a room full of people from Suge Knight’s label in the studio.

The “Love Like This” singer also speaks about 2Pac asking her for oral sex, which Faith says completely caught her off guard. She explains that she never operated that way in the industry and made it clear that she wasn’t about to change her ways after Pac asked for sexual favors.

Check out Faith’s full interview above.


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  • She lying ..

  • I'd hate to have her as my alibi

  • We all know Faith gave Pac sloppy toppy.

  • Lol

  • Lying as hoe probably sucked all them death row ninjas

  • First off..ahhh you know the rest! hahaha

  • Soon as she heard 2pac name her eyes starts blinking immediately.
    Her body language says it all.
    She lying .
    Natasha Walker called it like she seen it

  • Aint No Going To Room And You Aint Fucking Gtfoh πŸ˜‚

  • in the words of Remy Ma 'real bitches never lie on they pussy Faith. why was u in 2pac hotel room bitch please

  • She has the guilty "I sucked his dick" denial face, excuses mannerisms and gestures going on . Very over the top . Tupac fucked her and she knows it

  • faith so fine

  • And she would be the only person in the whole of the rap game to not know how deep the beef was between pac and big . Playing dumb after being caught is a common trait of a lying ass hoe. Watch the signs as Tupac would say

  • 2pac let people know he had beef with b.I g after he fucked faith thats why the bitch had no idea about the beef before doing the song, sneaky hoe, if a bitch drink Budweisers she will let u fuck in the car.

  • you telling me she let biggie fat self hit (rip big) but you didn't let pac hit why are you lying

  • I'm a big liar so let me tell you this bitch is lying, Pac drilled that AZZ good, she keep changing the story over the years. good job officer vlad.

  • we all know my nigga pac smashed. u bust it open for a real goon!

  • I think she fucked PAC when Biggie made her mad . Maybe it was when she found out he was fuckin Lil Kim

  • this bitch let Stevie j hit! I know PAC got it yawns!!!! next interview πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  • She like them hoes that had stuff to say about bill cosby, it dont matter because you took a million years to say something, now everybody got things to say about 2pac.

  • dumb bitches always be acting dumb and oblivious, if you dating a dumb bitch like faith, dump her asap

  • she's ugly then and ugly now !!!

  • Faith Evans is such a slut!!

  • bitch you know you gave up the pussy stop lieing

  • Look, nobody knows for sure what went down between 2Pac and Faith Evans. It could be that she was an innocent bystander who got pulled into the mix of the beef between 2Pac and Biggie, or she could've done some sneak shit behind her husband's back. Why? Because Biggie fucked other women behind hers. Biggie already showed disloyalty by cheating on her.

  • you know she suck him off after when Pac busted he scream out thug life baby when he finish

  • she studdering nd shit man pac and da whole death row stretched her

  • This bitxh stutterin' & shit lol Pac definitely hit that

  • She for sure fucked pac


  • Vlad: Would u fuck him if he was Slim Jesus?

  • bitch lying rip biggie

  • This Pac talk is getting fucking boring lol

  • This hoe should consider herself blessed for gettin hit by Pac…

  • I've lost what little respect I had for this trifling woman…. YOU FUCKED MAKAVELI!!!!!

  • Lol faith trying hard to rewrite history.

  • Died in 96 and people still talking like if he just died in 2016.

  • Pac hit u babes. Treach & Pac was fuckin All the Bitches bck then

  • Fuck outta here bitch! You can tell shes lying, all studdering and uncomfortable as fuck!

  • she seems nervous, she can't sit still…

  • of course let's tell one side after he died lol gtfoh…..

  • This bitch lying!

  • She didn't say she didn't do it πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

  • This bitch is lying 😏πŸ€₯

  • Now I know he was telling the truth…. she lying

  • she aint even a good liar lol

  • listen the other female girls at death row Natasha walker was there when faith was all over tupac cause puffy and biggie kicked her off the tour bus she had no money and she was so mad at biggie for fucking Lil kim so she did fuck Tupac and Natasha walker was with dre when he left death row she has no reason to lie 21 years later she say Tupac and faith were all over each other. then she left with Tupac next day Tupac said to Natasha walker I got his bitch all night with that big smile of his haha. the outlawz will tell you one thing Tupac was not was a lier she was getting her own back on biggie and so was Tupac haha

  • Honestly I believe faith, 2pac was known to talk bs , whether ppl wanna acknowledge it or not

  • Yup she busted it open…