In this episode of the Flagrant 2 sports podcast from the Loud Speakers Network, stand up comedians Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh with Hennypalooza’s Real Life Kaz from Bleacher Report discuss Lebron solving the beef between Isiah Thomas and Kevin Love.



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  1. It fucking sucks man! My moms been in the hospital for days now and i dnt know what to do. Im constantly in a state of panic fearing the worst might happen but i dont want to let myself go down that path of thinking. Idk what to do.

  2. Please fix the volume on these episodes, I can't sit here like the worst 90s DJ with my finger on my volume control the entire time because you all can't figure out what level a volume to speak at. One minute I'll have to turn my volume all the way up so I can hear what you are talking about, then all of a sudden you all get hype and your pretty much screaming into the microphones. Please find a balance, my ears can't take this shit lmfao

  3. Time 🔌🔌
    0:14 intro/ why Kaz couldn't be there
    2:40 asshole 👌/ merch / live show
    4:45 Alexx media going through it/ breakups
    7:13 responsibility for others comfort
    13:40 opening lines/ spitting game
    19:16 Akaash caught a thick one slippen
    22:40 Kevin love talk
    33:03 Hezzy don't like the Lakers having fun/ happy teams don't win
    38:58 Andre Roberson leg said f*ck it/ too much games
    43:32 more talent in NBA than ever
    48:25 this injury won't affect boogie/ pelican talk
    51:23 all star games
    54:15 superbowl weather/ philly talk
    58:15 Tom Brady talk
    1:01:30 thick shorty talk
    1:04:55 Superbowl predictions/ Gronk talk
    1:12:19 XFL
    1:23:23 Olympic rape doctor talk

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  4. If someone said that a black player was mistreated because he's black…Andrew's head would explode trying to find other explanations. Not sure why he would do casually let it go when someone says the white guy is being treated poorly over race. Just saying, be consistent man. I respect your pov because you're always the contrarian. But man you're inconsistent sometimes.

  5. Curry made Basketball way more realistic for the typical young NBA fan because if you're a 5'11 High school guard you know you ain't gonna dunk but MAYBE you can keep working on that shot doesn't a psychical ability limitations.

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