In this clip of the Flagrant 2 sports podcast from the Loud Speakers Network, stand up comedians Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh with Kaz from Bleacher Report discuss their New Years, the cold, and Andrew’s trip to Israel.



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  1. Get some good quality probiotics bro .. (RAW / garden of life brand) .. simple as that! Everyone should take probiotics by now I don’t understand how people don’t understand this by now?? If you can’t afford the good ones at least get the multi enzyme probiotics from wall mart and take everyday. Pre-biotics are great too I also recommend!

  2. Man I've totally turned down hanging out with a girl because of digestion issues. Constipation or the runs – either is fucking scary. And Andrew, that's weird, I don't think you should be shitting 10 minutes after you eat. I mean, it's not obviously the same food you just ate is it? Because that would mean you're not digesting it at all (I'm making this up but pretty sure I'm right). Maybe just the act of eating gets your body moving? Like coffee does for me every day? Idk lol.

  3. I’m starting to like this podcast more than brilliant idiots. I’m still a huge supporter but it’s mostly them agreeing, charlamagne telling everybody how great his life is, and yeah that’s about it lol

  4. 1. This podcast is so much better when they just talk instead of forcing sports dialogue that we all know gets stale after 5 mins

    2. The fact that Andrew thinks it’s healthy to shit 10 minutes after he eats is a bit strange. That means your body isn’t breaking down the food and using It.

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