First Take Reacts To Chris Paul Trade To Rockets | First Take | June 28, 2017

First Take reacts to the news that former Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul has been traded to the Houston Rockets.

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  • Max always says "but" so forcefully

  • 2:01 lol

  • but the warriors blew a 3-1 lead. . .

  • Sooo james harden has a MVP year at PG and now he gets moved back to SG….. bad move

  • I was really hoping Chris Paul went to the spurs that would've been a show to see

  • Very risky trade for Houston. Williams and Dekker were 2 fantastic system players for D'antoni's offense and Beverley is an elite NBA defender. Chemistry wise, this might actually turn out to be a terrible trade for Houston because both Paul and Harden need the ball in the hands to be effective and Paul is not a great 3pt shooter. Honestly I think Houston would've been better off going after either an athletic wing player or a big man, they didn't need another primary ball handler.

  • I'm clapping hardens cheeks bruh

  • 2:01 your balls tattooed

  • They said GS wouldn't do good with too many stars they said Cleveland would not win with adding love but they made finals they said 93 94 rockets could not win with 1 star but they embarrassed sa after d rob got his mvp who and the hell are these idiots saying rockets adding cp3 are weaker unbelievable the fact Houston aint even done nobody even realizes some key players they already aquired these comments are retarded

  • So Rockets gets another top player that chokes in the playoffs… just like Harden

  • 1:59???
    What the fuck is that?
    Get a ballers tattoo?

  • Get john salley ass tf outta there Houston loss to the Spurs not Golden State smh #ByeJohn #GoSpursGo

  • He didn't wait because it would cost the rockets and they would not be able to sign another superstar.

  • I can't stand that Will Cain guy but I like how pissed off he gets when Stephen A puts him on blast and Max quit using big words lol I miss Skip even though I didn't even agree with anything he says

  • hey ESPN you need to fix that out of place audio clip @ 2:012:03

  • Chris Paul goes to a team he blew a 3-1 lead to in the playoffs

    Kevin's Durant:"Ayyye that's my boy."

  • Why do people think Pat Beverly is a better defender than CP3?

  • 2:02 sounded like Herm Edwards cutting in with like Walkie talkie πŸ˜‚. "Get balls tattoos" πŸ˜‚

  • "The winner is the team that gets the best player" NETS/BOSTON TRADE?? I'm done with you Max

  • actually this is the worst trade this season, you just killed your pick next year and 3 good players for a star who opted in his contract, he can leave next season. the man does not even fit in the system, they tried it with ty lawson and it didn't work.

  • rockets get patty mills!

  • Oh shit it says "get balls tattooed" at 2:01 but its on ESPN real channel. hahaha fuck someone getting fired

  • lol cp3 bringing the choking curse to the rockets

  • 2017-2018 Champions: Houston rockets πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  • Chris Paul and the Rockets will NEVER win anything now…
    Warriors WILL KILL THEM in 2017/2018

  • Sorry but cp3 isn't much better than Beverly. Bad trade for Houston. Cp3 has proven he can't win in the playoffs. Furthermore if Cp3 is a winner Why wouldn't he just wait and sign with Houston as a free agent. Then they could trade those players going to the clippers. The team would be much deeper. Plus Chris Paul is 32.

  • did that motherfucker just say the Rockets lost to the Warriors on the WCF? 04:27

  • Thumbs up if the off-season is more exciting than the playoffs.

  • Watch from 2:01 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • This doesn't seem as good as when Stephen A. be on here he needs to come back we already lost Skip Bayless

  • I think for this team Paul milsap would be a perfect fit for Houston because behind Kevin love he's the best three point shooting power forward which blends in beautifully with D'Antoni's style of play which emphasizes the three ball and helps guys like ariza shoot the three ball even more effectively than they would anywhere else

  • Paul has no heart. Watch how many times he makes that 'im about to cry' face when they step to the Warriors. As a GS fan, San Antonio is the only team worth fearing. And Cavs ain't sh!t without Refs help.

  • Lol so many dumb posters here why can't Harden and Cp3 share the ball when GSW has 4 (5with Iggy) guys who want the ball? Both Harden and Cp3 are elite 3 pt shooters why can't they play off each other like KD and Curry? Losing Beverly hurts a lot but c'mon you upgrade from Bev to Chris Paul! Paul is also a really good defender just like Bev so you don't lose anything. Btw Spurs suck ass Kawhi gets injured even if he has limited mins and rest days while LMA is a diva no wonder Cp3 didn't want to go there.

    Are the Rox as good as GSW? Of course not, they are still 2 stars short. But its a good start and Cp3 wanted a trade to Houston because it gives the team more flexibility than just signing in FA. It also sends a signal to FAs that Houston wants to compete so they can all think if they want to join the Rox before free agency starts.

  • this is what bothers me…. nba players whine cause they want championships, so he wants out of LA but instead of leaving LA and sign directly to Houston, he re-signs with LA with a negotiated trade to Houston.

  • I get that Max is a boxing guy, but if he uses one more analogy, I'm gonna scream

  • where's my girl Molly

  • I give up on the clippers….Houston for champions

  • Who Else Heard That

  • i'll miss u cp3

  • Don't know who this person is and won't care one bit until two years after his contract ends and he's broke doing home invasions in my neighborhood to support his drug habit