First Take Questions Rob Gronkowski’s Offensive Jokes | First Take | June 27, 2017

The First Take crew questions New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski’s offensive jokes at the roast of Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz.

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  1. Why are we getting all over sensitive all of the sudden? Roasts happen and is something that is done, and i didn't saw David Ortiz being pissed or anything like that. This topic shows again that the show needs to expand their eye into other sports and other leagues so they have another topic of discussion instead of this.

  2. They really spent time on this roast. This is tame compared to what Dean Martin and the boys used to do back in the days. People today are so soft these days.

  3. Seriously 28 not in the world I live in 18 years old you're responsible for what comes out of your pie hole grionks not young he's stupid but he can catch anything

  4. It's a effin roast you dip ships!!!!! You say offensive things that are all in fun, NOT RACISIST. This is exactly why the liberal cvnts at ESPN are losing viewers in droves.

  5. I thought Sarah Tiana was just as "offensive" as Gronk was. It's a roast, which she had to state about 15 times during her bit because people weren't laughing at the "offensive" material. Bill Burr said in his podcast that he hoped it wasn't filmed because jokes get taken out of context and you're labeled as a racist/sexist/etc because that's what you do during a roast. I can't believe ESPN makes this a talking point where people get to act all high and mighty saying those things would never be said by them. Good for you. They are treating Gronk like his roast was the worst thing a patriots TE has ever done.

  6. gronk is Defending the White Race Like Trump and Tom Brady because Racist Blacks Like on the Seahawks and Falcons want to push black supremacy on everyone and gronk, Trump and Tom Brady and the Patriots have had ENOUGH of it.

  7. I thought it was hilarious that gronk brought Light to the fact that the Falcons and the Seahawks were 2 racist black supremacists teams who Lost in 2 different Super Bowls to the New England Patriots.. A Team where White Players excel and are At Least given a chance to play.

  8. This Gentile and proud Donald Trump voter HASN'T watched Pro Sports – let alone ESPN – for decades. I don't go to games either. It's all BULLSHIT by bullshitters – just like this.

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