First Take Questions Rob Gronkowski’s Offensive Jokes | First Take | June 27, 2017

The First Take crew questions New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski’s offensive jokes at the roast of Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz.

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  • all I'm saying is. we consider J.r Smith a 'class clown'. he can't have that route of saying racist jokes. we gotta be fair across the board.

  • What was the joke?

  • that's a terrible joke, btw. so corny and bland. I'm more offended at the fact that he expects a laugh.

  • Really hard to choose a side without hearing the offensive jokes ourselves for us to judge on how offensive the jokes were

  • Ace

    But Johnny ain't Gronk…

  • You know it is slow and the sports world when they talk about an off-season roast… God forbid something offensive should be said. Jesus fucking Christ. In the words of the great Kobe Bryant "we soft like charmin in this MF"

  • gronk is gonna fuck around and get traded

  • i wouldn't fuck her with bea arthur's dick,

  • i say this if he aint hurting anybody let him do whatever he wants.

  • Only a table full of liberals could be offended at jokes they never even heard. ESPN is dead

  • ESPN rolls out the red carpet for Mayweather, the king of the woman beaters, for Pacquiao who has made insane anti-gay statements… but ROAST JOKES? That's where they draw the line. Fucking hypocrites.

  • what where the jokes

  • Gronk made some offensive jokes during a roast? That's like going to a metal show and complaining that you got caught in a mosh pit. If you are easily offended by crude jokes, don't watch. If you are afraid of getting hurt in a mosh pit, stay away from the mosh pit. 28 grown man? I hear worse from my very polite, soft spoken 65 year old father.

  • he did nothing wrong its just old mfs being old its a fucking roast

  • It's comedy there is no such thing as offensive jokes why? cause they are fucking jokes this PC bull shit is really annoying

  • He gets away with it because he's white

  • Jeff Ross not Jeff Garlin. Get your Fat Jeff's right asshole

  • What did he say?

  • if it was a joke about black or Hispanic they wouldn't have a problem with it but since it's jews it's out of line come on people. jews control the whole media industry

  • one can only imagine what max kellerman would say

  • as usual Pats fans will defend classless racist behavior. Go watch your Fox News…espn is too progressive for you

  • Being offended is so in lately

  • "he's not a comedian" who tf cares. I'm black i thought his jokes were well written and well-timed

  • WTF is this guy babbling about. Trust me when I say,……………..NO ONE in New England is buying into this guys bullshit.

  • I typically agree with UNCLE BUT, HE HAD A BAD DAY. Just wrong throughout the show.

  • Why do they let herm edwards on this show with that stick so far up his boney ass?

  • anybody notice how Carmelo Anthony cheated on his wife and knocked up another girl never gets mentioned by ESPN? or how Paul George knocked up a stripper. And they never knocked the warriors for complaining there was no where to party in Utah in the playoffs. but oh no gronk is partying in the off-season and telling jokes, must be white privilege. fucking pathetic liberal garbage

  • A roast by athletes in this context is not practical. I listened to a cellphone recording and as a fan of roasts, Rob Gronkowski's wasn't bad and was tame compared to a Jeff Ross roast.

  • Sally is dumb. Watched the whole show and Sally was saying stupid stuff the whole show…

  • Gronk is just a typical White Boy…they never grow up…have you ever seen a White person who didn't act and talk stupid…just look at our President…that should be proof enough…it's just the way it is…we must accept them for who they are…otherwise we're the racist ones.

  • at least air the bill burr portion.

  • I mean did ESPN completely miss the roast of Justin Beiber where Shaq was talking about Martha Stewarts snatch. tjat was a million times worse

  • Was big papi offended at least? Why the outrage??

  • this guy needs to shut the fuck up………..if rob said things against the jews hes now my best friend Americans are stupid so they dont know……jews run america wake the fuck up

  • ESPN = Extremely Soft Pussy Network

  • I Listened the Roast…… ITS A FREAKING ROAST!!! For Fuck Sakes !!!

  • just peeped the gronk video. pretty mild. must be a slow news day.