First Take On Celtics’ NBA Draft Picks | First Take | May 16, 2017

Dominique Foxworth and Donovan McNabb disagree with what the Boston Celtics should do if they win the No.1 pick in the NBA lottery: take a rookie or trade for a high-end free agent.

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  • Dion is a gangster

  • that small nig is stupid. glad i quit watching this trash. back to skeeup and shannon

  • The rest of the league has caught up with Boston shenanigans. They ain't getting nothing for that 1st pick when the draft is loaded and there is no clear cut HOF players in the 1 spot. Just look at last year when Boston had all those picks. They got no deals for them.

  • You gotta wait out Lebron. Get someone who can be a star in 4-5 years.

  • who is that annoying guy in the suit bruh he is totally wrong

  • I don't like that answer of nobody can challenge the Cavs. Who backs down from the challenge? Definitely don't want to play for his team

  • Sorry, but those are some HORRIBLE arguments to why the Celtics should trade the 1st pick.. Hayward, Butler, George, Griffin… NAME IT, it's NOT ENOUGH to defeat LeBron… This "win-now" mentality is the kind of thinking that destroys franchises like the Nets or the Kings. Pure bullshit… Celtics SHOULD and WILL keep the pick (based on Danny Ainge's past).

  • trading markelle fultz woulld be the biggest mistake boston has made in years

  • That YouTube blocking feature ain't working, it won't block ESPN like the way I set it up when I am searching for first take video

  • were in the HELL!!! IS stephem A. Smith damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ball hard, Dion Waiters

  • The problem is IT is a defensive liability that needs to actually be hidden by the remaining Celtic defenders on the floor. This is a formula that will eventually be exposed. It's not like he's a bad defender, he's an invisible defender. The game simply goes over his head. He'd make a nice 6th man. Develop Fultz, and wait for LBJ to get old.

  • Nobody is getting past Lebron until he retires ……

  • Lmao the best dynasties in NBA history gets top 2 pick. And why is that man riding lebrons dick, never seen a male ride a whole team like that in the NBA smh.

  • Every time I watch IT play …. I mean, I still can't believe you got a midget amongst giants dropping 30 every game lmao

  • they shouldn't​ trade the pick they should trade Bradley and of them poop players and draft Markil Fultz

  • Donovan Mcnabb don't know a fucking thing about basketball 😂 why do ESPN still use this bum services lmao

  • Sign Hayward draft Fulton, 28 year old Paul George isn't worth number 1

  • Dude these dude is clowns . Why the hell would you need to trade that # 1 pick for jimmy butler or Paul George? WTF are these dudes smoking? 90 % of championship teams have built their dynasty or championship pedigree with using the draft. Skinny dude there brought up a great point if they get blake, or paul, or jimmy can they beat the cavs? the answer is nooooooo. So boston got a top 3 draft pick next year why not build the rest of ur pieces thru free agency and the draft. If boston trades this pick Danny Ainge is the dumbest muthafucker ever in upper management worst then Billy king if they trade this pick. Peace

  • L L

    Put Isaiah or Fultz in at SG. It's not that hard. Avery is big enough and a good enough defender to play the 3.

  • That dude is dick riding too hard.  Put both Butler and PG13 on this team in free agency than get a half decent replacement for Amir who can pull down 10 rebounds a night and they could compete with both GS and Cleveland.  That would never happen, its way too good to actually come true, but there are ways they could compete

  • Only person I would trade the pic for is Anthony Davis. IT and Fultz is the back court of the future. Trade Bradley and Crowder if you want to trade so bad.


  • Trading a top pick for veterans? Look what happened with Brooklyn.

  • Google draft lottery fixed. The NBA is all about $$$

  • I love Donovan, but I don't wanna hear him talk about basketball

  • Draft Lonzo at 1 make lakers give up Deangelo and 2nd pick

  • He sucking James so hard like he wants to fuck that man

  • give twolves the number one pick ill take fultz or lonzo but if we get monk im happy to

  • This shit turned into "Last Take"

  • Dion waiters. Yawn.

  • nothing Lmmafo

  • get fultz with the pic and get gordon hayward

  • dion stupid

  • Nigga what

  • lol.. if they see bos-cavs game 2.. lets see if they still think now is the time to play lbj and the cavs 🙂

  • Now that I think about it, the celtics can fuck around and pick up Paul George

  • Donovan and Deion wrong u keep the pick he's gonna be a Sg and IT is not the guy to get u to the Finals

  • Donavan who tf is shrumpert