First Take Analyzes Jimmy Butler Trade Between Bulls And Timberwolves | First Take | June 23, 2017

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman take a deep dive on the specifics of the Jimmy Butler trade between the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves.

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  1. As much as I think the bulls could have got more out of this trade, is it really a bad idea to get rid of stars and build for the future when cleveland and golden state are clearly going to dominate the league for the forseable future? The only way that stops now is if more teams gather up multiple stars in their prime, and there aren't to many teams that have the cap space or are attractive enough to players to do that.

  2. I would think John Paxson of all people would know how to build a winning culture and have a winning team considering he was a part of the Bulls for over 10 years and saw how to do it right. Unbelievable. I hate that little oily weasel Gar Forman too

  3. Do you all not see the incredible potential that the Timberwolves and the Pelicans have to become the league's next "super teams"?!
    These two organizations need to really work hard to build around the all-star caliber players they have now and to think about the future……
    Both organizations now need to make very smart decisions…..
    New Orleans can build around Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins…. they also have Jrue Holiday…. and some really good role players also…..
    and Minnesota now has a real bonafide "Big Three" with Karl-Anthony Towns, Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins!
    In the era of the super team, this is exactly what teams need to try to accomplish! In just a few seasons, the Timberwolves and the Pelicans could become serious competition for GS in the West……. but they have to play their cards right…… so far the Timberwolves have done exactly that!
    In order to take down the Warriors, they have to emulate what they have done over the last several seasons……
    I mean, look at the Warriors of 2008-2009 before they got Steph Curry! No one expected GS to be a championship contending team like this! It can be done by any organization, through good decision making, some foresight and planning for the future……
    Above all though, the entire organization has to have its priorities straight…… There has to be a culture of selflessness and a desire for improvement starting from the owner to the GM to the Coach and coaching staff to the players…… the priority has to be to turn the team's fortunes around and become a winning team…… and the whole organization has to be united in that common goal…….
    just like GS is…… winning has to be more important than any individual player's accomplishments or stats or ego and winning has to be more important than simply making money…….

  4. I'm starting to respect KDs decision more and more. Jimmy voiced how he didn't want to contend for a ring with the Cavs and that he wants to stay with the bulls. But the front office could give two fuck. From now on I think players should do that they want. The only genuine thing about the game is us fans and as a superstar you should only owe your loyalty to the fans not the front office.

  5. ESPN needs to put me on one of these shows because I know I can do a much better job. Ok I will agree at this moment the wolves appear to be the winners of this trade but I think that in the future this trade will look a lot better for the bulls. Every analyst says that the league is becoming about who can shoot the three the best correct? Well why would it be an issue to get two guys with great upside who can do just that and also a great playmaker who doesn't mind playing defense. Only time will tell but I don't believe this was a horrible trade for the Bulls just a risky one because trading or drafting on potential doesn't always work out

  6. You guys are talking about the past. Thibs was a great coach and it's been a downward spiral since we lost him. Then you factor in the Taj trade. We were working towards a rebuild. Next year Wade's contract expires and it's time to be bad again. I'm just happy we got more than the other rumors were saying we would get. Jimmy Butler wanted to go and he deserves a lot better. But given the mistakes in the past, this was actually the best thing to do. Zach Lavine if he comes back healthy can really ball. Dunn is not a bust. He played one season give him a break. Also we still nabbed the 7th pick (and made a stupid pick, but I digress). We knew he was leaving. He's been on the trade block for like 2 years now. It's just nice we got something more than just the 3rd or 4th pick. We picked 3 spots lower and got last year's top 5 pick as well as a guy who averaged 19 points per game as the 3rd option last year? I'll take it. Only red flag is Lavine's recent injury. Otherwise, I really like the trade. Obviously you want to keep Butler but he evolved after the Bulls had already broken down. This is the best trade we could have made given the situation.

  7. the Bulls don't need Jimmy Butler, it was smart for them to make these moves for what they are trying to do, they make have "lost" but that's not at all what they're trying to do

  8. So let's just spend the whole time talking about how the Chicago Bulls are idiots blah blah blah. Let's barely even acknowledge that the Minnesota Timberwolves exist, you know the team that actually acquired Jimmy Butler, who apparently signed a US senator from Florida at some point.

  9. My man Max a wordsmith with "agita". I want him to use the word "wont" in a sentence one of these days so I know his greatness, because no one knows that fuckin' word including autocorrect.

  10. Strongly disagree with this popular opinion.

    Butler wasn't staying anyways…. I sincerely believe the Bulls got a lot back. It's not like they only handled out a bunch of (likely) non-lottery late 1st round picks….They received a VERY young and STILL potential all star talents in Lavine and Dunn. Lauri Markkanen was drafted 7th in one of the deepest drafts in years and is arguably the best or 2nd best shooter in the draft, as a big man! That's some good compensation compared to what I've seen in the modern era of NBA basketball. Certainly better than the Nets lol.

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