First Responder Vegas Cop on Rumor that He Killed 2Pac & Switched Bodies

Chris Carrol, the responding officer at Tupac’s murder scene, sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss events surrounding the infamous murder. Carroll speaks on the rumors floating around that he was the one who killed Pac, invalidating the claims immediately. He also describes what went on that night and how Pac’s last words were “F*ck You.” Watch above.


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  • I maybe just 1 subscriber but not no mo Fuck Vlad He's Been Slimy And he should know he lost a fan!

  • He Knows More than He's Telling Us Tho~nino~ #FACTS

  • Remember when this channel had real interviews with legit solidified rappers in hip hop

  • he said at the 2:10 mark : he definitely died that night,… pay atancion vlad, you know thats not the case, he was living for 6 days

  • suge set it up and pac is alive!!

  • u should start calling this 2pacTV

  • he died that night I don't say

  • Say what u want, with all the evidence and testimonys its clear orlando shot and killed 2pac. Just cuz its 2pac dnt mean he cant be touched… jfk had his head blown off

  • he did it

  • he did help kill pac by stopping pac and crew way too long . if pac could have gotten to the hospital sooner pac may have lived. Fuck this guy.

  • How the fuck could this nigga kill 2pac?? Why the…..what the…..smh. This world is retarded.

  • this dude doesn't know pac lived for 6 days after

  • bored with vlad interviews…everyday struggle is my new shit.

  • Ice Cube said it was Lane, GAME said it was Lane, Lane said he did it, Lane's fuckin' uncle said he did it yet loads of you are still talking your conspiracy shit. Face it, it's been solved. It was Lane. Move on now and let 'Pac rest.

  • a nobody killed 2Pac😔 I hope the shooter rots in hell.

  • Interview pac's sister!!

  • someone should kill Vlad he a pussy.

  • Who took that infamous picture of pac and suge in the BMW? Who and Why did they take that. Why is that the only pic? I think that was the shooter and the Feds. Fuck Dat

  • in gonna kill this guy

  • Anybody Alive at the time knows 2pac never die that night he died days later so this cop is not telling the truth

  • he said I WAS THERE PAC DIED THAT NIGHT but pac didn't die right after the shooting he died 7 days later so wtf he talking about

  • dont trust governments ..

  • how's he die that night? the outlaws say PAC was shaking like wanted tell them something when he was in the hospital.. this cops a bullshitter

  • Stopped watching when he claimed he died that night, life support or now he survived damn near a whole entire week afterwards 🙄

  • This guy is honestly really well spoken. I was prepared to judge lol but I believe him.