Filipino Food 101 with Jo Koy | Sean in the Wild

Eating with Jo Koy is a lot like seeing his stand-up routine: loud, in your face, and filled with stories about his eccentric Filipino family. When it came time for Sean Evans to dive head first into the menu at Jeepney Filipino Gastropub in NYC, the choice for a dinner companion was a no-brainer. From staples like chicken adobo and arroz caldo, to now-legendary dishes like halo-halo and balut, Jo breaks down the Filipino food dos and don’ts as only he could. Will Sean convince Jo to give balut another shot, or will he swear off bird embryos for ever? Find out on an all new SITW.

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  1. I dated a Filipino for 3 years and i can confirm i actually do not like their food EXCEPT for chicken adobo and lumpia. and i will happily stay single if it means never seeing Balut again

  2. Jo’s rules are legit true! We don’t use knives in a regular meal.

    Arroz Caldo sometimes has achuete seeds mixed in the broth. That differentiates it from Goto (Chinese Rice Porridge).

    Hay Josep. My mom doesn’t like you but I still do. Great video! Had me 🤣

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