Fears of hackers targeting hospitals, medical devices | ABC News

“Nightline” was on-site for the first-ever hospital cyber attack simulation designed to help doctors prepare for what cybersecurity experts say is a very real threat.

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  • My friend has diabetes and uses an insulin pump, hopefully he wont ever be affected. This is fucked up.

  • we need to stop relying on this so much,, hopefully a Scientist can come up with something else.

  • can they swipe out my debt.

  • canceling surgery because computers are down? not seeing patients because your computer isn't working? ridiculous! why do hospitals of all places rely on this technology, seeing as its so easy to break into…

  • Good thing I run fire walls on everything I have

  • I have a defibrillator implanted, had one since I survived cardiac arrest at 16, 29 now. This has always been a huge fear of mine and people called me crazy. Mine is wireless, guess I'm not so crazy afterall.

  • this is why we should tell our parents too update their own electronics

  • Brasil!!

  • J B

    +ABC News The University of Arizona Hospital IS NOT IN PHOENIX! It's in TUCSON! I used to work there. Please, before ya'll report, make sure that your facts are correct. No wonder people keep saying that the news is 'fake'. How can ya'll miss something so major?!? smh

  • I have type one diabeties

  • just wait someone is gonna make a movie about this

  • Wtf I'm in the hospital!! I fractured my skull

  • What would hackers want to do with hospitals? it dont have any real gain if they do.

  • I got a pacemaker the end of last year, something like this is EXACTLY what I was afraid of!😩

  • this is really so sad

  • Here we go again.

  • Why target hospitals? That's just fucked up.

  • This is a horrible risk to people who do rely on medical devices to live, but to the rest of us who as of yet don't need them, it needs to be a cautionary tale in why you want to care VERY much about your health BEFORE you get sick, and not just take for granted you'll always be fine just because you are today, despite a largely unhealthy lifestyle. People who still have a choice, if we don't want this to be us, we need to be vigilant about our health.

  • Russians are at it again lol

  • How about car smog machine?

  • Can this happen on MacBook

  • Hooray for viruses

  • Fuck hacker… You should target government.. not hospital or any medical department…. This type of person should not get any medicine from any medical department around the world.

  • Damn. Scary.

  • I'm very impressed that they are doing research on this hack in my home state and city. I live in Phoenix Arizona and I hope that they will find a solution to this problem because I really hope that this doesn't travel to the hospital where my mom works.

  • u would think of all places, the hospital would the number one place to keep software and anything else medical, up to date!! I work in the healthcare field, and unfortunately I see this all the time!! Very sad, but true!!

  • Can hack millions of computers

    Can't get a fucking job to get money legally