Fat Joe Joins for Cam vs Mase, Artist Advice, Label Drama + More | Everyday Struggle


On today’s #EverydayStruggle, the legendary Fat Joe joins DJ Akademiks and Nadeska to talk about everything going on in his life, including his new music and role in Spike Lee’s new Netflix series, “She’s Gotta Have It.” Joe also talked about the Cam’ron vs Mase beef and Remy Ma’s ongoing issues with Nicki Minaj.

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  1. First time Being a Time Plug… Do it for the one time, Probably Get lost in Comments..
    0:47 Vegan Talk
    2:20 Joe Helping Out In Puerto Rico/ Family Ties
    4:38 Hip Hop in the Bronx "CNN of the Streets" / Voice of the Voiceless
    5:27 New Spike Lee Show Joe Apart Of
    9:28 Dealing with conflict on set / Dame slapping the shit out of that asshole Weinstein
    11:46 Joe new Single / New Music / Old Friends in Music
    12:53 New Single in January "Pick it Up"
    13:15 Talkin bout the Homie DJ Khaled. Bless Up! πŸ™πŸ™
    15:17 Lil Homie Asahd
    17:02 Any Pressure after Big Hit W/ Remy?
    18:37 Collab Albums/ Working with the Notorious BIG
    20:55 Atlantic Records/ Major Labels
    26:55 Entrepreneur – Knowledge is Power πŸ’‘, Knowledge is Key πŸ”‘
    28:39 Cardio B becoming Big / Mumble Rappers/ Adjusting to New Sound & Wave
    32:00 Remy Best Female Rapper
    32:17 Remy vs Nikki Beef / Joe vs 50 cent past beef
    36:21 New York Hip Hop and the beef within
    40:11 Niggas sleepin on Mase – Kanye and Eminem favorite Rapper
    43:12 Joe Leaving Rap? Business over Rap?
    45:04 Key is "Don't Want Nobody To Think You Want They Money"
    45:35 State of Terror Squad – RNG – Future of Terror Squad
    46:32 WHO BODIED WHO? "We Takin Over" – Wayne 1st Joe 2nd? – I personally Agree
    48:36 Joe – "I owe Wayne so Much"
    49:34 Joe Funny Ass Story To Explain His Saying
    52:54 Everyone owe Wayne a Favor
    54:02 "You love how I smell right?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Alright I Tried Ladies and Gents, Like this comment up to support and gain notice, May or may not do this more often "YOU NEVER KNOW" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ – Bless Up Chat Niggas πŸ™πŸ™ Have a Good Day πŸ˜› πŸ‘Œ

  2. I love you Fat Joe…but did you just say that you thought you had 1up on T.I's verse on "We Takin Ova"? Because I don't think so. Again, I got love for you since "Flow Joe". lol but nahhhhh

  3. I’m very impressed by Fat Joe in this interview. He was happy to talk about himself and share personal stories but he seemed even more delighted to talk about other people who he enjoys or who he’s inspired by. He could’ve done the entire interview just praising other people and barely even talking about himself and still had a good timeThat’s another level.

  4. A| 0:22 Joe; "I'm doing well" πŸ˜…
    R| 1:10 Migos diss Joe snippet
    X| 3:00 Ak; "This is great promo for Migos"
    V| 4:18 Joe; "I have no problem with Quavius" 🀣
    A| 5:10 Joe adresses beef w/ Migos
    R| 5:44 Joe's plot twist 😭
    X| 10:38 Joe; "Quavo walked in the booth bloused up"😩
    V| 12:25 Ak; "It's definitely attention seeking"
    A| 13:20 Joe squashes beef (kinda)
    R| 16:53 Joe; "he shouldn't be calling me pussy"
    X| 17:46 Jeezy relevancy, apology from Joe?
    V| 26:49 Jeezy 'Pressure' tracklist, features
    A| 29:34 Mase interview with Angie Mar
    R| 31:02 Joe; "Mase talking in code"
    X| 35:28 LeBron previews new Sean & Metro
    V| 38:46 "Birth month has to spit a hot verse" meme
    A| 41:03 Joe's texts after Migos diss
    R| 47:28 Joe; "It's Quavius, there's a IUS" πŸ˜…
    X| 49:54 YBN Nahmir BARS?
    V| 52:55 Lil Wayne 'Dedication 6' on Xmas
    A| 55:45 Em & 2Chainz new music?
    R| 58:44 Joe's tired of beef?

  5. Ak: "So speaking of beef you and 50 had a lil issue going on back in the day right?"Joe's facial expression had me weak. Like didn't Joe just get done saying they were beefing for bout 8 years. Lmao

  6. Just don't do interviews without Joe Budden….the Fridays episodes be ight very powder puff and cute but just not the same without Joe. Ak and Deska interviewing Fat Joe is link Eminem feat. Pink awwwwww might be dope but I aint checkin for da shyt. I usually watch first thing in the am…I'm just here cause I already watched my others regs

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