Famous Dex says ‘F*CK XXL’ after they said a old Video was the reason he wasn’t on the Freshman list


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Famous Dex saying ‘F*CK XXL’ after they said a old Video was the reason he didnt make the Freshman list
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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 if he said these things with the kids in the car I wonder what he'd say withOUT them in the car 🤔 he had me dead this whole video though 💀💀

  2. I worked in mental health for 20+ years as a behavior specialist serving the youth population and I am 100% certain that 80% of the young rappers have been involved in some form of outpatient program. How fuckin dumb is he to think he would be considered for next year's XXL by saying he would smack the lady that decides the results lol and he still tryna smack bitches after he beat the shit out of his BM man FOH

  3. Yeah and no bc there's a always a reaction for every action but I feel Dex how he's hot about this I would be too but that's what haters and negative people do when your trying to move on form mistakes made in the past but Vanessa tells the truth but I feel like this will always be a thing Dex or any artist would have to deal with what he is dealing with rn or in the past but that's what Ike and Chris but everyone will always have there two seance on anything your did or doing.

  4. Shouldn't didn't fucking put your hands on a woman you fucking bitch like the fuck you mad for and anyway you no your ass can't fucking freestyle so STFU

  5. lame asl tbh she knew the whole time they were considering dex that he had the fight video. now bc he didnt make it yall break the video out as the copout. i aint finna excuse beating yo grl ass but that doesnt make shawty move any less lame. u aint want him on the list bc of the video? Dont work with him at all

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