Falcons’ Mohamed Sanu Joins First Take | First Take | June 29, 2017

Atlanta Falcons Mohamed Sanu joins First Take to talk about what he learned from his Super Bowl loss against the New England Patriots, his plans for the upcoming NFL season, and more.

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  • american football is handegg not football
    sucks spor ever

  • Damn this dude talked soooo much shit during the game, if you watched Mic'd Up. Always be down to earth, both during your losses and wins. I'm glad this bum didn't win the SB. Arrogant cunt. Smh.

  • Still love watching Sound FX and laughing at this clown!!!!

  • Id be surprised if they made the playoffs this season. The chances of a team going to a SB 2 years in a row is slim.

  • This video has 28 likes and 3 dislikes hahah

  • We get it, Sanu, you are confident in your "brothers" and team. Don't need to say it like 20 times…

  • That boy black

  • Drew brees is better than Matt Ryan

  • "Most guys don't do well after a Super Bowl loss. It happened to Cam…" First of all, Cam is just one guy and he was overrated to begin with.
    Before the Panthers, the last five Super Bowl losing teams at least made it back to the playoffs. Heck, Russell Wilson followed up that losing Super Bowl season with his best statistical season of his career.
    The Panthers just suck. Since they drafted Cam they have NEVER posted back to back winning seasons. Seriously, all because Cam got MVP and he can't handle losing and all of a sudden this "Super Bowl hangover" is real. Not even the Patriots went back to the Super Bowl the season after losing one, but no one will dare claim they suffered a "Super Bowl hangover."

    What a joke. Media does as they usually do which is create a bogus narrative and most viewers just eat it up like it's gospel.

  • Just realized Tom Brady has bested two of the best offenses of all time. (Greatest Show on Turf and the 2016 Falcons)

  • hangover my ass… We basically get the same team back with a better defense… Falcons going back mark my words…


  • South Brunswick Grad

  • we bout to put 40 on they ass…"ITS TOM BRADY THO" MOTHAFUCKIN THAM BRADY

  • I stop watching at 3:28

  • Obviously a tough loss, but it's time to get back to the grind. Rise Up!

  • never count out tom brady the GOAT…sanu was cock XD

  • We going put 40 something on they ass 😂😂

  • Thought it was Clint Capela for a sec

  • Dam Will Cain is Grilling Sanu when he's already down on the ground… SMH

  • This dude was talkin so much shit in the Super Bowl and blew it. Hold this L

  • my panthers 3 peated the nfc south which means we own it .. we had 1 bad season & all sudden the falcons the best lol na cam is gonna torch his hometown team this season

  • We lost our cheatting ass offensive coordinator a sellout so that is my concern now~!!!!

  • Did he just say Tom Brady played at a high level in that SB? Okay so what's a superhigh level because I'd love to see that

  • Will Cain really dosnt understand how the mental of an athlete works. What it's like to being competitive on a high level. Will Cain only carry his lil media attitude.

    That's why i like to see retired athletes working on the media such as Shannon or Ray lewis.

    Sanu is a great WR


  • 28-3

  • Sanu your mouth didn't cash the check, you said. You won't even see the conference finals, check back in January,see you.

  • Best No.2 Receiver In The League BITCH

  • Hahaha learned to not run your mouth on the sideline during the game that's what you learned

  • Falcons and Cowboys are the most overrated teams in the NFC.

  • That offense only scored 21 points 10 below its average so they can shut the hell up about the pats d not playing anyone too. Pats just stop fucking around in the second half and handled their shit.

  • i like how will Cain says Rodgers isnt close to brady because hes salty his cowboys lost to them

  • its funny Sanu didnt mention his QB despite the fact he was MVP

  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the likelihood of the Falcons getting back to the Super Bowl after the Patriots snatched their heart out is nil. I'm still shaking my head about that loss, how can an NFL team blow a lead like that?

  • still cant believe they lost

  • they choke hahahaha

  • still is a joke that a sb went to ot