I don’t know about you but this has been consistent in my relationships! haha
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  1. 400K strong very soon!
    I remember the day when your sub count were below 8k,fun times!
    I'm really happy for you cos things finnaly went better for your channel! <3

  2. Very Cool, that was neat, may I never be your reality, that dude sucked, especially in the end, how the f*ck he just gonna sleep with a girl like you on the other side of the bed, I would have been like "Simmi, I'm bout to f*ck this pillow…and you're gonna feel it!" Yeah, cause we connected like that, I actually know a girl like that who gets on some "I bet I can feel it" type sh*t, I don't know how but it works, ooh if I may I seen a finder binder, nobody died and it wasn't that bad but chalk that up to something cool I seen today.

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