Ex-NFL star claims bankruptcy nearly led him to murder

Former Redskins running back Clinton Portis, 35, told Sports Illustrated he was ready to take the life of one of the men he claims mismanaged and lost nearly all of his multi-million dollar fortune.


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  • I remember him buying houses on one of those hgtv shows

  • Cocaine is a terrible drug

  • So he didn't get in trouble for conspiracy to commit murder?

  • When the NFL paychecks stop coming the bills don't, manage your own money that way you can physically see and touch your money… SmH

  • Wow it's crazy how athletes just burn through a damn fortune…

  • How do you not have your money in the bank? What kind of lawyers do you have?

  • Why are the hosts smiling so much ? It's a story about drugs and a potential murder plot ? 🙂

  • why wasn't He murdered …Obumer Way …what He always promoted
    NFL drug money that's where it all went, admit it
    Tell the truth Fake ass news always lying covering up

  • Are we supposed to feel sorry for this guy ?

  • These are handled and manipulated corporate prostitutes and the fact they don't handle their own money is one of the first signs of how controlled they truly are. This is more ridiculous than Shaq having to joining the Freemasons and pitch the "flat earth" non sense like Kyrie Irving was doing this year.

  • faggot

  • fuck Donald trump

  • That's what happens when you give dumb people lots of money.

  • totally pisses me off. first i think sports players get paid way too much but that is the market now.
    these financial advisors are evil as hell. this has happened so many times its ridiculous.

    on a sidenote, my mom divorced my dad out of the blue. it wsn;t really a surprise, my dad was emotionally absent. anyways he is totally self centered and didn't realize there are others in his life. a year after the diivorce he called my sister and said he had a gun and planned to kill the madre. i was living with my mom, brother and stepdad at the time.

    i remember seeing my dad drive by the townhouse. my sister had him on the phone and said she called the police and he better get out of there. he did and nothing happened. just saying people can be driven to do crazy things that do not fit their normal character. he drove over an hour to try and kill my mom. we are not white trash dramatic people. its crazy. now he's an old man in florida living by himself like he probably should be. he misses the cooking and laundry i'm sure.

  • been there

  • I'm sorry, but I would have to put that work in.

  • Be a dumb espn analysis.

  • no you liar absolute 100% liar bankruptcy does not lead you to murder that's insane to even for those words to even come out of your mouth is insane do you make out that everyone is as dumb as you to actually believe this garbage you need to wake up stop being fooled

  • Putting money in the bank, what a joke, over an over again. More of them end up just like this, no sympathy , the video alone, check out my crib.

  • I don't get this shit. The easiest thing to do even for someone with basic common sense is walk your ass into a major bank or investment bank and have them manage your money.