ESPN Report Says LeBron James Will Never Be A Clipper | First Take | June 26, 2017

First Take debates sources saying Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James will never be a Los Angeles Clippers.

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  • Retire loll???? What dust is he smoking? He's got another 5-6 good good yrs left

  • ESPN please get rid of this trash white guy

  • no kidding

  • I'm sick of this Warriors and cavs fued

  • LeBron should be focused on winning MVPs so he can at least say he has more MVPs than MJ.

    Chasing chips with Cleveland won't yield any results unless GS suffers injuries.

  • This bald guy is so ignorant

  • Why go to the lakers ??? Someone tell me

  • Jalen Rose said this a while ago.

  • fucking hate that racist pos Will cain

  • go to Lakers

  • this guy is such a fucking idiot……where is Steven a

  • N8

    Second Take

  • Never say never to The Logo.

  • Who the fuck wants to go to the choking clippers I feel sad for Chris Paul wasting his prime in that choking franchise

  • wish SAS was here to put this little shit cunt Will Cain in his place. saying you're right about everything doesn't make you right you little bitch, just give your opinion then STFU!

  • Why would James go to a team that has a lot of hate. He himself already got a lot of hate, playing with the Clippers will be adversity over adversity. Also, its in the west so no

  • who is this Jon Snow piece of shit that knows nothing?

  • wait, fake beard is here. im not gona watch shit coming out his mouth

  • This is why I don't like watching first take when Max kellerman and Stephen A. not on there bcuz sometimes the people don't kno what they talkin bout and it piss me off, like who tf even is that nigga that said he think LeBron should retire after next season or sum like that, why tf should LeBron retire when Vince Carter is still hoopin at the age of 40, and LeBron is only fuckin 32

  • Lebron James will never be better than Jordan either.

  • as a true laker fan I must say this we do not want lbj on our team he is not laker material.

  • Horrible analogy. I really dislike Will Cain. He's just a glorified know it all