“I want the winner of the next fight,” wrote undefeated IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr., who recently took to social media to let it be known he’s eager to unify his title with newly-crowned WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn. Check it out!


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  • he must have took too many left hands from Manny thinking he could beat Thurman or Spence๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • this guy really thought he won against pac, plsss stop๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • hell yea we need this title home bro gone get that 2nd title from this chump

  • boxing. get ur popcorn, these movies have plot twists. dirty sport

  • Thats easy work for Spence Or Thurman Lol ๐Ÿ˜†

  • fake champ

  • No Spence. This Horny brings nothing to your legacy. Let him fight his way to the top, he is a bottom feeder

  • jeff horn kos evry nigger and becomes welter weight champ

  • Give the kid some credit at least he ain't ducking big fights

  • Aus boxing as its best!mundine vs green al over again!cheating mother fuckers๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚its a disgrace to the sport!!

  • is not a ball.

  • Spence is spent – Can't believe this ghetto scum-bag put on a suit and thought he deserved to wear one when he's clearly just another uneducated gutter trash pimp. Rich people get paid by the wealthy, the wealthy are educated and decent enough to put on a suit and not look like a fish out of water.

  • Spence Jr. will eat him like a bite sized munchkin donut

  • Cheater!!#Horn Snakegotohell#Arum

  • Bob arum is a dirty snake. This is some Mafia nonsense!!

  • for the sake of BOXING, MODUS ANOMALY should be STOP.!!!

  • Thanks bob, thanks for "robbery".

  • It's an obvious robbery, but Pacquiao is past it, wasn't going to face Thurman/Spence, and I would hate to see a legend way past his prime get battered by those 2 anyway. So the positive is Horn will fight those guys, and we get to see someone unify the whole division real soon. That's my positive on the whole situation.

  • Bob Arum is a crook…. .always has been. He doesn't want to see his payday go away. The pay day is with the belt ….not the fighter

  • I need Errol to destroy this dude! I'm not a Manny Pacquiao fan but he was robbed

  • wow Jeff horn face is so fucked up

  • hope arum loses the wbo title for good

  • u almost lost ur eyesight and still u won the fight.

  • that ashamed carrying around the belt he don't even deserve it. manny is the one who deserved it.

  • this guy is the ultimate scapegoat lol


  • Spence will get destroyed by JH…wait and see lol…

  • apparently, horn is on top of thurman. horn and team have deals with top rank. thurman vs spence.

  • " two targets i GUESS are on the list as well" doesn't sound like he exudes a lot of confidence

  • I hope he took lots of pictures with that belt, cuz he won't have it long.

  • Ryan karl could beat horn

  • this chump can't possibly go in the Spence. that's a severe health hazard

  • They gave you that belt fool!

  • My comment- Floyd Mayweather is such a superior boxer / fighter (on all levels) when compared to Jeff Horn, it almost feels odd to even say anything relating the 2 in anyway. That said, and interestingly enough Floyd and Jeff now have something very in common, defeating Manny Paquaio by UD. Now my "real" comment is- Floyd did a masterful job of having the "appearance" of winning with Pacquaio UD, and now I'd say the same for Jeff, he had much more of the "appearance" of winning, (to his credit I suppose) and in Jeff's case- "just staying in the ring and being competitive against someone like Pacqauaio could sway a judge to award Jeff a round even if Jeff scored less.

  • Keith Thurman and especially Earl Spence will defeat Jeff Horn in less than 10 rounds, however I would suggest Earl to not be too over confident or too cocky. Earl and Keith should prepare and train for Horn as if they are facing Pacquaio or Mayweather, that would assure them they would defeat Jeff in the due time, they should not prolong it in anyway to even give him anymore chance of surprising them in anyway.

  • I thought I should mention and apologize for using the wrong first name for Errol Spence in my last comment. (I used Earl – silly mistake)