Engine-maker Rolls Royce suggests fan blade broke on Air Asia A330

The spinning engine was left unbalanced; a passenger claimed “it felt like being in a washing machine.”


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  • Hey John Nance how many times have you thrown a blade? Shut up they got the airplane back in one piece, Monday morning quarterback.

  • More of the "quality" one has come to expect from Rolls Royce engines !!! Way too many failures of RR Engines !!! Air Asia has had a bunch of failures !!!! do a You Tube search of A300 engine failures !!! WOW !!!!!

  • what the fuck? really? idk why someone even cares the pilot said that in that situation. LOOK IF SAYING A PRAYER CALMS AND RELAXES the person who has my and my familys life on the line in his hands, hell I'll even sing him the prayer. You keep doing your thing man, dont let us (little problems) get in the way. You got a plane to land!!
    *I dont believe in bible, but i also understand (coming from a Catholic family) that it relieves some stress to the people's mind that practice it and feels like they have someones got their back in hard situations. ( like meditation) If this pilot flying a commercial plane got a little nervous flying in mid air with a blown engine full with passangers and he got a thousand fucking things running running across his head. (communicating w/ the tower, the plane , the passangers, the situation, his own family) And he needs so say a prayer to ease him a little, to get back on his A-game, to get into that tunnel vision and have some confidence landing the plane. Then let the man, say a prayer.. the end.

  • so they turned off the engine? not flew all the way to Perth with that shaking I hope!



  • That person that said it was unprofessional to do if that was me I'd rather hear the pilot say let's please pray then hear some pilot light to us before were about to die

  • agreed I support what the pilot said, I hope public/media backlash does not crucify him for calmly telling people to pray as people are left afraid and stuck with literally zero other options that could positively effect the outcome of the situation.

  • Why didnt it land in the nearest airport instead of flying 2 hours back? Is it because the runway isnt long enough?

  • i n

    the captain balls got up his neck

  • Cant they turn off the left engine

  • Might as well scream "you're all about to die" over the speakers. Should have lied and said stay calm. I don't need to die in complete terror.

  • So I should have stood up on the plane and prayed "Allahu akbar!" That would help everyone feel calm? 😀

  • it is unprofessional whatever your religious belief. Doesn't instill confidence in the pilot from a passengers point of view

  • Well at least he stayed over the water. That was smart

  • He could have said something better than that to calm the passengers. Like we are experiencing difficulties with one engine that's causing the vibrations but the other is running smoothly. We are going to turn around as a precaution and you calm cooperation would be appreciated. Something to that affect. You would think the company would have a script written down for them to say.

  • Sue rolls Royce for there millions

  • Why the world did they not turn off the engine ???

  • A B

    that was very professional he didn't press his belief on anyone. he just said pray, his god might not be the same as the pilots but that ain't offensive or unprofessional

  • That is frightening!!

  • He should have shut that engine down way sooner, you can fly those with one engine, but an out of ballance turbine could tear the wing off or come loose and damage the fuselage, God can't cut the fuel and shut the engine down

  • Why didn't he power down that engine? Seems safer to fly with one engine

  • dam I would be thinking the pilot for his honesty

  • where did the pilot say to pray to passengers?

  • The captain and the co-pilot and the rest of the crew did an excellent job during this state of emergency. Say a prayer doesn't mean that the plane will crash you FUCKED PIGs

  • I don't know whats wrong with this media ppl?

    If you wanna make issue out of any single thing.. consider your morning pee "why it changed from beer u gulped last night into pee on the morning"..

    Bet u.. if u r on the captain seat.. would wet ur underpants..

  • I want to punch that old retard in the face on 0:47 so badly. ''Aviation Analyst'' What would he do in such a situation? Probably panic and crash the plane. The pilot is a hero for what he has done, he saved over 350 lives and this mother fu#@er ''Aviation Analyst'' only talks about how unprofessional he is? We don't care about you ''John Nance''. Hope this will gets upvoted and''John Nance'' could see this message himself. Not even taking into consideration that the pilot didn't know what was going on and prepared himself, the crew and all the passengers for the worst and still kept his calm and landed this plane safely. A passenger on the plane gave a full explanation and context on what happened on this flight. He also said that the pilot was talking continuously with the passengers to keep them calm and sharing all the new information he had (which is a very good thing to do if everyone is anxious, not knowing what will or could happen). Ones again ''John Nance'' you are such a cun@. Excuse me for my misbehavior of words during this comment.

  • who the fuck hired this "aviation analyst"?? the pilot just ask to say a prayer..he reminded everyone to prepare for the worst(God forbid).."unprofessional" has nothing to do when you are staring death in the eyes..the pilot should be praised for his action of bringing everyone back SAFELY..people…stop putting your head too deep in your asses & stop focusing on things that DOESN'T MATTER..asshole…!!!