Eminem Disses Joe Budden on ‘Chloraseptic remix’ after Joe Budden calls his Album ‘TRASH’.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Eminem Disses Joe Budden after Joe Budden calls his Album ‘TRASH’.

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  1. Niggas is too fucking sensitive… how do you credit him for what you think is dope and comment on things you don't like and sensitive ass niggas want to make it sound like you hating? I'm so sick of the sensitivity in grown ass men! How do you call a nigga genius and he has great content and a nigga still get in his feelings?

  2. Oh so when ur lil rappers attack him u sot with them and laugh and report when a MC like Em comes and attacks him u take joes side AK IS NOT HIP HOP tis man literally cares abot whatever is relevant in todays society

  3. Eminem is not above criticism but Joe gotta choose his words more carefully, especially when Em signed Slaughterhouse to Shady Records, put money in your pocket and took u on tour around the world.

  4. I know this chat full of em haters but that remix was hard af. Budden need to respond carefully. Em is ass when he got no one to roast but a beast when he flamin somebody. Look at his history. Hes fire in a beef, wack without one. Battle rapper.

  5. Quit speaking on rappers you never met Joe budden don't know he never met your goofy ass if Joe ever met you stupid ass he'd probably make a internet web series with your corny ass

  6. For all you blacks thinking we need white sentiment your like sheep begging to be slaughtered their stance as a whole wont change that's what you have to embrace.They laugh at us thinking their going to change b

  7. I'm a big em fan even I hated this album and think em is better than the problem is some of em groupies think he can't do no wrong ppl let em get away with too much fuckery we got to admit when em fell off and this is one of the times

  8. I think Eminem is mad at Joe because he basically question Eminem's motive when he said Em's team is basically using black issues to sell record, even though he said Em's team and not Eminem, that still in a sense question Eminem's motive because he the artist who approve with the album cover and wrote the song Untouchable. Eminem probably felt like Joe should of call him if he felt that way.

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