Edai on Chicago Rap Beef Culture, Dissing Dead Homies

Rapper Edai in this segment of his interview with VladTV speaks about the culture of diss tracks in the Chicago rap scene, the city’s continuing struggle with violence, how he’s been able to give his children opportunities that were unavailable to him, and how he’d help his community. “I took my kids out of the hood,” Edai says, “I want to show my kids a different life than what I had. I lived that life because I didn’t have a choice.” Watch above.


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  • Vlad why you keep interviewing these gangbangers? serious question. Theyre more goons than rappers, Stop putting this fat ass mofucka on your channel

  • Said " you know I'm sayin" 49 times

  • knock on miss Coleman floor and knock Lil Jojo arm onna floor

  • wen da fuck taysnitchhunnit get all These goofy ass internet fans ??? any real nigga from the trenches knows makin statements is hot n u saying niggas names smh

  • This nigga looks likes a dog. 🐶

  • Vlad: u got a verse where you saying that you smoking tooka pack?Edai : yeah deffinetly. Lmaoo

  • fucc edai

  • he's Foo god. put snitch pussy over a real nigga. smh that's what you on Foo.

  • I feel bad for this guy, because Vlad is asking him the hard questions but at the same time not trying to cross any lines. I can respect that, but vlad has to understand this guys are in it for real. Not for play, it's not as easy to just change your way of living and habits. I wonder what clad what would be saying if all his homies died and the situation was turned I guarantee he wouldn't see it the same way.

  • He has no idea about world politics. Americans catch hell because they don't exercise their ability to read throughout the lines.

  • This nigga hat look like it come with helicopter propellers

  • "one got dead"

  • Real talk edai, But yo're The most disrespectfull rapper out Chiraq

  • I see a lot of internet warriors in the comment section. It's easy to diss a dude that you'll never bump into. Real men diss you to your face. Punks diss you online. Sucka move.

  • @DJVLAD interview an OG from Chicago who know what's up for real because most of the guys under 27 can't give you the full spectrum of who what when where and why. They know what they know and that's it.

  • "like na bro" lmaoooooo that was funny!!!

  • Edai built like hunchback of notre dame

  • SMH this nigga Vlad don't even ask about new music or nothin just beef

  • tay6suburb pussies in the comments none of you faggots are from chicago shut the fuck up

  • when vlad quoted edai from the war song edai started singing alot to that shit in his head

  • Everyone of them young niggas chilling with you I hope there watching this interview I respect you for keeping your kids away but what about all those young niggas chillin around you doing bs what don't you talk to those lil nigga like how you'd do your son smh that what baffle me about these niggas they tell there kid not to do that abd this but tell someone else's child the opposite are force them to join a gang teach all the youth not just your own


  • Vlad and DJ smallz sound like the dude from the casting couch porn videos

  • biggest goofyy💯💯

  • This weave wearing trucker can't see what people say online if his rest stop don't have free wifi

  • sooooo this nigga sit back and relax the whole interview? 🔫#THUGLIFE

  • So we just gonna act like he wasn't saying some real shit in this interview? Y'all Tay fans lowkey worst than X fans 😂

  • at 5:09 when dude said let me see how im going to say this officer Vlad went and turn the volume up to make sure he heard him correctly lol

  • hate on edai all u want but he speakin real shit

  • Yo edai just tweeted no more interviews after the last VLAD interview discussing Tay6 yesterday now look ,….

  • lil shawn killed the dude in front of his 3 children so it depends on who caught you lackin

  • Bruh this dude talks basic asf. I felt RETARDED watching

  • Edai 6️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  • foo slick forgot how many kids he had lol

  • this edai fella is borderline retarded, he can barely talk. too old for that shit. Education saves lives.

  • i hope people listening to this!! 4:40

  • 0:200:31 Edai's Thoughts "so what ima keep smoking dead ops Gang!"

  • "Ah yea definitely" 🤕🅿️

  • He said he was going to tell them the pros n cons lol

  • To banging