Edai and Vlad Debate if Tay600 Snitched on Cdai & RondoNumbaNine

Chicago rapper Edai sat down with DJ Vlad for an exclusive interview detailing the infamous murder case his younger brother Cdai and associate RondoNumbaNine were convicted for. He discusses how it felt to see his younger brother behind bars and how he donated 30K to the cause as he tries any and everything to help out. He also discusses Tay 600’s fake paperwork but claims to have seen the actual documents where Tay was listed as an informant. Edai does not care that Tay did not take the stand, he stands firmly behind seeing the paperwork. Watch above.


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  • But it's a god damn shame so many ppl defending a rat just cuz they don't like lying ass edai….. it's possible for tay to be a rat and edai don't know what the fuck he talkin about

  • Man fuck all this. Look. If this nigga Edai is making a Claim this big, then he's gonna have to provide some type of Paperwork. Period. Convo over.

  • It's obvious either cdai snitched on rondo and they trying to use tay as a cover up .. or they wanted tay to take the charge cus they belived rondo and cdai where more valuable gang members either way it was over dumb ass left the phone @ the scene and killed a innocent taxi driver πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Do this nigga know what a rat is

  • edai fu nigga

  • Zoe

    This the first time I fuck with vlad fr, caught this lying fat nigga off guard LOL. nigga was fidgeting.

  • lmao 10:00 vlad had him stumped…

  • 600 really falling apart

  • world dumbest…he said he dnt even know how the court legal system shit work…then originally they all was saying tay was the reason they got convicted…now he wana change it & say well its cuz tay said something..foh..the females took the stand, so y u not tweekin? this guy a class A clown…

  • It's official- Tay600 didn't snitched! E-Day shut the hell up with that old ass lie, and when 600 Breezy call through GlobalTech from Iowa jail tell him to stop telling that same lie. I hate to see niigas locked up for dumb shit like Breezy #FREEBREEZO! However, Edai you just said that the video and the girls that y'all still fucking with got your brother and Rondo convicted. Them niggas ain't winning no apply. See them in about 35 yerars!

  • Real Eyes Recognize Real Lies…

  • Where is the paperwork?

  • Is Chief and Durk putting up bread to get these guys out cause I've seen some crazy shit get dropped when the government getting paid..

  • Shouldn't of killed anyone

  • Can't vouch for a niggah that can't pronunciate… MF Seent IS NOT a word! oL dufus ass

  • Vlad made this nigga look like a fool

  • Tay 600 made that statement point blank period!

  • shit sad how folksnem fuckin the hood up

  • truckdriver K

  • If his statement helped get them charge rondo and cdai. That enough to say he helped them conviction. A a statement is enough for probable cause for an arrest

  • this nigga funny

  • These 600 niggas dumb af

  • Deez niggaz talk to much knowing dam well dem krackaz watchn dis shit



  • VLADTV there is a such thing as confidential informant cops have paid informants

  • that nigga fullla shit they just tryna stick to they lyin assΒ story

  • Dumb lame ass fans vlad yo fat ass a fan

  • NO WAT AM SAYIN take drink every time he say it ull be drunk by time this interview done pmsfl at edai

  • It's 2017. Facts don't matter no more obviously. It's all bout wat a person wants to believe now… If a person wants to think Tay didn't snitch or did snitch they can literally jus make up shit now. It's a fuckin joke. Same thing with trump, if u want to paint him a hero or a villian it's super easy bcuz people dont respect or acknowledge FACTS. Bottom line is if Tay snitched (which I think he did even tho my opinion is irrelevant) it DOSENT matter bcuz this generation is so fuckin retarded people beliefs & opinions are the only thing that matters instead of Facts.

  • D.J. vlad defense attorney at law lol…

  • Vlad rite

  • Free 9 & 22
    R.I.P L.A

  • vlad thought he said "jewelry" when he was tryna say jury LOL

  • So many suburban white 2000 babies sittin in da comments giving their irrelevant ass opinion on a situation they could never relate to & kno absolutely shit about. It's amazing. Just like akademiks bufurd ass sittin making videos giving his opinion on street shit that u can never relate to. It's fuckin amazing. Crazy thing is white folks & 2000 babies eat that shit up. I swear to God this world/ generation is fucked.

  • Literally 90% of u in the comments are clown ass goofy ass bufurd ass fan boys. Majority of u are suburban White 2000 babies. Lol this world is a joke.

  • whole time edai thinking "i wish i could kill this nigga"

  • Niggas was mad cuz tay600 was talking about it on a interview and it could fuck up the appeal but this nigga straight up said they did that shit πŸ˜‚

  • I have trial this monday for aggravated battery (I Spit on a bus drivers face allegedly) she wrote a statement and a WITNESS wrote a statement of what she saw and she will be cross examined by lawyer I f*** with edai but this dude a straight liar

  • Edai sounds real sus! He has a personal problem wit' Tay or sum…

  • Damn love these chiraq interviews

  • Edai in mid interview started thinkin I don't wanna finish dis interview πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Now he don't kno how this shit work stop jacking he snitch whole world kno it was dem bitches stop tryna put down a nigga tryna eat like u y'all nigga mad tay rap better den all yallπŸ’―

  • if they had that much proof tay would not be alive. they just using Vlad and this snitch shit to try to up their lame ass Rap careers

  • if tay the only person said a name how the fuck u say the bitch said she heard shots an cdai jumped in the car saying some πŸ™„

  • instead of the gang shit, imagine if he was cool with dex rn. he could of been in LA with dex making money see this why gangbanging isnt cool