Ebro Helps A Concerned Mother

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  1. 12th like 133 view
    send him to Job Corp.
    help him start a youtube channel.
    get him into fitness and health.
    buy him a music instrument.
    buy art supplies.
    dance class.
    Part time job

  2. I’m so tired of hearing after school programs aren’t available.These kids don’t care about after school programs they have so many distractions.They want to behave as adult and they don’t want to take instruction from anyone.Its rough out here for Parents and the system doesn’t offer much help.I have been through it myself.Never anything as criminal but challenges none the less with my child.So I understand that Parent plight.

  3. I know it's probably too late for him at this point but extracurricular activities can help kids a lot and keep them out of trouble. Sports, clubs, organizations, give kids something to look forward to outside of school.

  4. If you CHOOSE to have kids, you need to be a parent to them. Stop trying to make the state raise your kids and teach them right/wrong. They’re your kids. Not the states. Not the prisons or the sheriffs. And stop blaming the state because you have a bad child.

  5. What's funny is we are always trying to pull "the these kids have nothing to do" card,but when they do activities they still act like the devil.I heard about boys getting shot or fighting over a basketball game they lost.We see school games where fights break out too.In college athletes who are supposed to be studying alot of times in end up in a rape case or something bad.I've come to conclusion the difference between the young and the old was the type of discipline.And the older generations fear of God and who was badder than them.Now if that homeless man would have pulled out a pocket 🔪 and started hurting those kids then what?

  6. As parents we must kno we won't win every battle with our children but consequences and redirecting is necessary at times depending on the disrespectful child's actions! We must do our part and be confident!

  7. the main reason slavery should of never been abolished am almost 30 and Never ever been in any type of altercation or in jail the only thing I got was a ticket when I first got my license cuz I was speeding trying to get to the courthouse. And one time in South America I got locked up cuz my ex called the cops and said I was a gun for hire 😁😂💀💀other than that I've been a saint

  8. This is why I went straight home after school and hung out with my little brother. Because of that, I finished my grade 12 year with a 3.6 GPA, got accepted into the number one university in Canada.

  9. I don't think bullying your bully child would actually be helpful.
    Also, the child could let off steam their frustration on other children, anger is very contagious.
    I think the solution is to have a respectful conversation with the child on their feelings and trying to understand his actions.
    And it requires a lot of patience from the parent, but helping the child to express his feelings would be beneficial in long-term.
    I'm not saying that we should excuse or justify bullying.

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