Dr. Umar Johnson on Prince, Michael Jackson & 2Pac’s Deaths Being Set Up

Dr. Umar Johnson stopped by VladTV to speak about his ideas relating to the murders of Prince, Michael Jackson and Tupac. Dr. Umar started by offering background on the deaths of the late celebrities. “Michael Jackson owned the rights to the Beetles; he owned a good portion of Elvis’s catalog, who’s extra widespread than them, two guys? On the planet of white music, and a black man owns the rights, Sony Data intentionally sabotaged Michael Jacksons final album…” Umar defined that if Michael had gone on tour, he would have had the liquid money to repay a debt he owed to Sony Data and he would have been capable of preserve his catalog. Umar went on to enter depth about how he feels the music business works. ” the music business features like another white racist society; it will get down to put down, so Michael was murdered.”

Dr. Umar additionally went in about his ideas on Prince being killed. “He was sick with the flu, however he was driving his bike within the park a day or two earlier than he [died]. Who have you learnt with the flu takes a journey in chilly Minnesota, okay, with the flu. Nonsense Prince was murdered…” Umar defined he believed the error Prince made was negotiating with report label Warner Bros. He believes Prince was murdered for his unpublished materials as a result of it’s price billions of . “You gotta perceive Prince’s followers are in contrast to no different followers…so that you get your arms a useless artist’s unpublished materials? It is jackpot.”

Dr. Umar Johnson additionally defined his ideas on Tupac’s homicide. “Tupac was murdered with out query. The FBI had Tupac and BIG for that matter below surveillance for at the least per week previous to the homicide. . . Thoughts you Pac was a severe risk, his mom was Afeni Shakur former chief of the New York Metropolis Panthers, this is identical black girl who right into a New York Metropolis Federal Courthouse, pregnant with Tupac, and defended herself and 20 different Panthers…” Umar defined that Tupac on the time of his demise was working to politicize the crips and the bloods in LA, and after he had left Demise Row he was on his strategy to do Revolutionary issues. Dr. Umar defined that he believed it was no coincidence that Infamous B.I.G, Tupac, and Eazy-E all handed away inside a 12 months of one another. “Everyone knows in regards to the hip-hop police… the music business is a secret society and the music industries job is to do what promote and propagate the photographs which might be most advantageous for the ability construction to make use of to be able to facilitate its agenda…”

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  1. Not surprised the majority of Vlad's audience doesn't understand what he's saying. Hood negroes will forever believe ignorance is bliss, just smoke weed, listen to self-destructive music and run the streets calling each other the N-word even in front white folks smdh. Wake the F up, research and learn how the world really works.

  2. PAC's death was set up anyone believes otherwise just doesn't have a mind of their own. But let's say hypothetically Orlando Anderson was the killer. So you mean to tell me a bunch of gang members shot into a car 5 times on the Las Vegas strip after a Mike Tyson fight in crazy traffic and nobody seen NOTHING! No witnesses no nothing. Then the shooters get away clean without nobody getting a license plate or nothing. Then Orlando is questioned and let go. Then killed two years later on something "unrelated". Come on now use your brain. Then biggie was killed 6 months later in LA and they claim that was something unrelated to 2pac death also. Give me a fuckin break. 2pac was set up then biggie was killed to make it look like some big rap/gang war

  3. he is right i remember on the radio 92.7 wdzz Flint Michigan was following pac till he died so did kcq radio and that is a white set radio station they followed pac both radio stations announced death in the Hospital.

  4. People and these conspiracy theories sound like crazy people who forgot to take they meds, mj prince overdose biggie pac killed not by the fucking government you acting like these dudes were about ro start war with america these dudes were entertainers same for white people they think elvis is hiding in cuba to smh

  5. All that breaking down Umar did about Pac and all that evidence stuff Vlad was talking u mean to tell me neither one knew off the back that Pac was murdered in 96 NOT 95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no Vlad Easy E did not die in 92 -_- He died in 95 at the age of 30! SMGDH. Ppl should stop talking about rapper's and how they may have died etc… If they can't even get the years right!

  6. Dr. Umar was 100% right about 2PAC, political assassination. PAC was going into politics and he had a huge voice in the black community! That was something the white elite did not want.


  8. This guy is a joke 1 billion albums sold?? Please …. Thriller sold 120 million copies. How the fuck did all his other music which wasnt as popular sell 880 million albums??? Plus his SONY got him indebt with Invincible. MJ was the one that spent $65 Million to record it. He chose to fuck around, be lazy & take forever booking tons of recording time for one album. I know … a friend owns a recording studio & he worked for SONY & told me he would book months & months & months & MONTHS of time and NEVER show up.

    Again WHY would someone dying now mean that SONY owns The Beatles music??? After MJ's death he made $1 billion by just being a dead celebrity. So they had the money to pay off his debts. The REASON the family is selling the Catalog now is because everything is digital & everything is stolen via of downloads. So this was the best time to sell something that's at its peak price, every 5 years that catalog is worth less because of illegal downloads.

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