Donald Trump’s Impeachment Party | Chelsea | Netflix

Before the end of the show, Chelsea makes sure to celebrate Donald Trump’s impeachment.

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Chelsea Handler’s back with her unfiltered mix of politics, celebrities, travel, and not giving a #$!%. A new episode streams every Friday, only on Netflix.

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Donald Trump’s Impeachment Party | Chelsea | Netflix



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  1. MAGA. 2020. / 6 1/2. More YEARS. !!!!!! / a couple. More supreme court appointments !!! / merry Christmas. Everyone !!!!! & can't wait to start building. That WALL. !!!! 2018 is going to be the best year ever !!!!!

  2. The World has enough violence and hate.
    You are contributing to have more of those things why you don't shut up and for the first time in your life just behave as a lady.

  3. Sad the show ended so abruptly. Thank you Chelsea for introducing political advocacy and the importance of protest to so many. You really grew as an interviewer and I am excited to see what you do next. Also, the dinner party episodes were always the best. The education one is AHMAZING. THANKS AGAIN!

  4. Damn, I’m going to miss her! She should run for President if the US.
    I know SHE doesn’t want children, but people like her are the kind of people that need to raise children. There will be no babing, no googoogaagaa bullshit. Her first words she’d teach her ‘kids’ would be “fuck off” and that is AWESOME!!!

  5. There is no word for "goodbye" in the Cherokee Indian language. They just say "donadagohuhsgi" or "until we meet again." Hope that's the case for you!! You make the world a better place, Chelsea!!–Tom Reilly

  6. A show like this should not be gone from the world. For whatever reason, it is – I will love and miss this dearly. I hope Chelsea's force in the world will continue to be stronger and more powerful than it ever was on Netflix, not to discredit that platform, Netflix is amazing. Chelsea, as you move forward in the world, please continue to be equal parts asshole and bad ass. I love you for it and it means something to me; because YOU are a strong woman in the world, I myself am able to be a better person because I was exposed to it. That means something. I love you, you fucking cunt.

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