Doc Rivers The Reason Chris Paul Left Clippers? | First Take | June 29, 2017

The First Take crew debates the rumors that Chris Paul left the Los Angeles Clippers because of head coach Doc Rivers’ supposed favoritism towards his son, Austin Rivers.

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  • If CP didn't want to be a clipper…why did he resign the first time he could?

  • Why are SAS and Max slacking off?

  • Where tf is Stephen a smith

  • Glenn Big Baby Davis was right! Doc Rivers is on some coddling bullshit with his son.

  • why does Doc get a pass in the media over the bad job he's done in LA? blew a 3-1 lead, cant get outta 1st round, signing Josh Smith, Lance Stephenson, Pierce, his son, the whole DeAndre fiasco w Dallas, Blake punching the waterboy and missing 8 weeks. Boston was long time ago.

  • i thought this was first take. i don't recognize anyone here

  • CP3 is the problem, they never got to the finals… why are they treating him like he's done something already… CP3 is a choker in the playoffs.. just like wall and Harden

  • Please! No more Will Cain.

  • So wait, Will supports phil jackson, yet has an issue with doc rovers? why is this man on the show

  • will so corporate mane

  • Will Cain consistently acts and talks like a douchebag. What is up with that adolescent-type whinnying, wanna be fresh and relevant, speech pattern? I thought Max sounded stupid at times with his desperate hip-hop references, but Will is truly unbearable.

  • injuries hurt the Clippers

  • Love John Salley.

  • BTW.. I'd rather have Austin and Jamal over Carmelo.

  • will y'all get stephen A and max kellerman back on this bitch.

  • none of this matters, with melo they still lose in the playoffs

  • The Doc is a quack

  • I see Will Cain, I dislike the video.

  • CP3 never wanted to be with the,clippers but signed a deal with them a season or two after he was traded there? gosh this guy is retarded.

  • Remember when KD got traded to Golden State and everyone was worried that Curry and KD both being very good scorers would have trouble sharing the ball together. Well it ended up working out cuz Golden state almost swept the Cavs with KD and Curry so who's to say that the CP3 Harden duo won't work out? KD and Curry proved that you can have a team with 2 MVPs work out. So This leads me too think they will have ease sharing then ball

  • when is Stephen A. & max coming back

  • The cracker has some lame points

  • John Sally is a complete idiot

  • doc rivers is overated..

  • Rule no.1
    John Salley will always agree if something goes lakers way so bias. I hate all these bias commentator wannabes want to be in mi. John made ridicolous arguments forRussell going to lakers! John does know what he's talking about!

  • doc should be fired

  • no doc is not the problem he did great in Boston

  • wtf is will cain talking about math equations

  • The players run the gm and the people over the organization that's the problem

  • Rivers = overrated piece of trash!

  • chick in pink can get it good

  • Chris is going to regret leaving LA for H-Town. He is going to miss the weather and his celebrity friends. He single-handedly destroyed any possibility of a Banana Boat Crew Reunion in SoCal over a 5th year / $45M that wasn't offered to him.

    At least Chris should thank ClipperNation and the SoCal community for our support with a letter or message like Jimmy did for Chicago. I will laugh if the Clippers win a title before he does. He walked away from the richest and most generous owner and greatest exec ever over money. The nepotism comes second..

    Watch when Houston is stuck with that albatross contract. Throughout the history of the NBA, no point guard at over 35 has ever received that amount. He wants to play for a contender but his contract will suffocate their cap space.

    You are going to miss LA, Chris. Bad move by you. Should have opted in and waited another year on what LeBron might do. Everybody Hates Chris… ⛵

  • John Sally is fucking terrible. How are his opinions so wrong. Will Cain is right, it is undeniable. All you are left with Doc Rivers having the blame.

  • sall's fkn r'tarded,just bn a coach's son isnt anywhr near tha same as actually bn coachd by ur pops on a pro team at tha highest level!! horrible xample &comparison

  • I see doc rivers on the fired list! You heard it first!

  • Will Cain sucks

  • Y Haven't they fired that white man yet?

  • John Salley is fucking idiot, apparently the NBA though that seeing chris paul in a clippers jersey with blake griffin was more enticing than seeing him with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol almost immediately after they won 2 rings

  • did that guy just say that David Stern blocked a move for CP to the lakers because it was better for the league if Blake Griffin had a point guard of CPs caliber? I swear that guy in glasses said that….isn't that a form of rigging or am I over thinking this?

  • vinny del negro was a better coach

  • All clipper fans not talking shit to us Laker fans now, where y'all at now!

  • Dude who is right. Both these brotha's are good lol.

  • Please ESPN. Put will cains ass on the fire. Please get rid of this dude. Your ratings go down when he's on, the fans all hate him. please get rid of him.

  • will Cain is overly dramatic

  • Im tired of people trying to make excuses for doc rivers he only has one championship under his belt that was won by bostons big 3 plus the help of rondo let this sink in doc rivers has another big 3 plus he had jj reddick who can shoot well n couldt even make the western conference finals ? You have to show and prove !!! And the numbers dont lie