Do the Celtics have enough to take down LeBron? | First Take | ESPN

Max Kellerman says the Celtics need to add more help to defeat LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas in the East.

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  1. Lebron choked in 2007 (though we recognize he dragged a terrible team) in 2011, 2014, 2015 (though we know he had no crew) and even some games in the 2017 finals he just flat lines in the 4th quarter historically

  2. why does max always say they needed to add kd to beat bron. they had kyrie , klove , jr , iman , korver. its not just lebron. max is so annoying.

  3. 4 Flagrant fouls = 1 game suspension. Draymond had 4 which means 1 game suspension. It's NBA rules. Not suspending him would be going against the rules & regulations. Also they lost games 6 & 7 which qualifies for a choke job. That being said, Warriors do still have a legitimate chance to win against cavs without KD if they had their old team. They gave up a lot of their bench to acquire KD so if they were to go up against cavs with their current team minus KD they have pretty much no chance in a 7 game series let's be honest.

  4. What the hell is Max saying? Were the Spurs a 73-9 team with KD in 2014? Where the Mavericks a 73-9 team with KD in 2011? Were the Magic a 73-9 team with KD in 2009? Lol you don't need that to beat LBJ, the 73-9 Warriors would've won anyways if Draymond wasn't suspended and Steph, Iggy and Bogut were healthy.

  5. the GSW are trash first title they beat every team in the playoffs including the Cavs who suffered significant injuries if Kevin Love and Kyrie play that first series the get crushed… we all know what happened when Cleveland was at full strength in the rematch so those cowards go and get the biggest coward "Kevin durCant beat them then join them" to rub their second title can't respect a group of cowards

  6. Dude the 2013 Spurs were a pin drop away from winning, like all the wrong things happened; Pop took out Duncan leaving Bosh in position for that rebound, Ginobili slipped while trying to get the rebound leaving Ray Allen open with enough daylight to hit that 3 and that Spurs team wasn't a historically great team

  7. the last season of the celtics big 3 (KG, Pierce, Ray) was way way better than this current celtics team so dont be delusional to think that Kyrie celtics can actually beat LBJ and his cavaliers in a best of 7 ball game!!

  8. At least I'll give Max credit on one thing: he says "IF he has a good crew" cuz that's at least more valid an argument than idiot LBJ fanboys who say something along the lines of "Team A needed to add Player B……..Just to beat ONE MAN LeBron ALL BY HIMSELF". Like lol stfu

  9. LMAO just watch If the Celtics do end up beating them in the playoffs somehow with LBJ's team at full strength then Max will be like "look it took a team with a NASTY KILLER PG, an already ALL TIME GREAT coach and amazing young talents to beat LeBron's team". He saying Spurs had a HOFer and great players like dude LBJ has great players on his team too, HOFers so stfu Max

  10. Max is so hypocritcal. He says the Warriors WITHOUT KD couldn't beat Lebron, but in the past he has basically admitted that the Cavs BARELY won in 2016. And we all know the Warriors win that series in 5 if Draymond doesn't get suspended. Like if people are going to bring up Lebron not having Kyrie and Love in 2015 then also bring up the fact that the Warriors didn't have Draymond for game 5 or Bogut for games 6 and 7, and they also didn't have Curry at 100% healthy. Stop it, Max. You know the Cavs did not beat a fully healthy and loaded Warriors team during the 2016 Finals, but you conveniently ignore those facts so it suits your "Lebron can't be beat unless you add KD to a 73-9" narrative.

  11. I'm a Celtics fan Lol. I'm just sitting back reading all these comments about you fake Cav fans. Just last month LeBron had no help, J R sucks, Wade is too old, trade Tristan, the usual excuses. Now all of the sudden yall talkin that same shit yall talked last year about sweeping everybody lol and nobody can beat LeBron like he's the only guy in the team. But we all know exactly what's gonna happen in the finals, IF yall make it. Yall gonna go right back to the same bag if excuses like yall Bronsexuals always do lol.

  12. Just a reminder, the "beautiful game" spurs simply annihilated the heat in the finals. Its not like they needed that to win as max makes it sounds, they were a lot better, thats why lebrun left

  13. Obviously, the Cavs are better than the Celtics because they have plenty of very good individual players that can play isolation or as a team. They can create plays individually and plays better under stress….

  14. Really let that sink in. It took a 73 win team to add the second best player in the league to be able to beat Lebron James. If that don’t show his greatness idk what will 🤷🏾‍♂️

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