DJ Self Denies Telling Meek Mill where Safaree was that he could get Jumped.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on DJ Self Denying Telling Meek Mill where Safaree was that he could get Jumped.
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  • 187 to all you west coast illin

  • we bangin

  • Safaree ain't jump nobody or pick a fight. To jump him is PUSSY….Slobucks act like he was about that life. Gunplay is about that life. Tupac and whatever is about that life. Thats the difference nigga…

  • dj suck a dick licks you getting fucked up

  • Who the fuck told Akademiks we gave others passes for their crew jumping people? Put in the work yourself is the rule. Only pussies give passes for that.

  • This nigga said Orlando Anderson lol. His last name was Lane, Orlando Lane.

  • Man Get the fuck outta here don't compare those situations to this situation of someone getting jumped. this was pure coward shit on meek an the dickchasers. An you jump Safari lol seriously Safari. an you ain't even do the shit right.

  • So Self watched Safaree get hands put on him. New York Keep takin Ls

  • Ak aint been the same since Vic pressed him.. damn

  • puro caf alaverga arriba LA mafia

  • Consistency lol can't call him pussy til he see game & not do nothing.. but on sight is on sight. Meek on paper so his crew did wat they was suppose to do..

  • black girls suck dick coo

  • 187

    Dj Akademiks a type of nigga who leaves toilet door open when he's taking piss

  • Fuck runnin into Game, they gone be runnin into Wack !!!

    On piru!

  • Believe finally ain't on no hoe shit you finally not on no typa industry bullshit tell best if both sides bruh

  • 50 cent didnt jump gunplay. 50 and his entourage were walking out, and gunplay happen to be standing in a walkway where they were walking through. gunplay eyed 50, then you could see 50 standing facing gunplay then boom 50 punched him in the face, then 50's entourage dragged his ass and whooped on him. lol

  • Yooooooo wtf happened to Gunplay??? lmaooo that dude fell off the face of the earth….

  • Ant

    you cant depend on a nigga that was caught on tape throwin his azz in a surcahh to have your back in a fight

  • Street cred


  • Just dumb niggas doing what dumbass niggas do. Nothing to see here.

  • homie you need to fix the title

  • Vic Mensa still a bitch

  • how is that off white… it's white

  • DID this nigga AK just apologize for his voice being Deep? WHAT? LMFAO


  • High pitch like y'all like me? Which one of you niggas is fucking Akademiks lmaoo

  • that Snapchat update got Safaree fucked up 😂😂 #Dreamchasers 🤘

  • Akademiks the type to kiss drakes album cover and smuggle it up with a blanket saying don't let the bedbugs bite goodnight

  • I miss the old Dj akademiks!! Sending u love yo from Bmore!!!

  • Meek a hoe for that why not 1v1 and niggas glorify it, when you become hard off you crew handling yo beef over yo ex bitch Loser smh

  • maaaaaaan all them niggas couldn't knock him out . there's a difference between ko'd and what happened. Safaree right meek and dick chasers pussy

  • aight aight you explained the voice thing. preciate it. go back to the east Demiks 😂😂

  • That G-unit gunplay video is hilarious "yeah nigga"-Tony Yayo

  • Trav set him up yo

  • dj akademiks balls done got sucked up inside him hiding

  • What brand nigga? You aint no brand lol

  • Ak gone corporate…. U neva gon get ya Mic back right mane…..

  • Nicki Minaj gettin a nigga killed over her

  • Meek is a geek freak weak