DJ Khaled Reveals A CRAZY Jay Z & Beyoncé Story & Gets Honest On Birdman



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  • We could all learn a lot from this man.. The reason his dreams are coming true and is able to walk into any room and be respected and have all radio stations not ever try to take jabs at him is that he moves in positivity constantly and is so genuine in what he does. All it take is some gratitude to make you fearless to accomplish what that voice inside asks of you every day.. respect to Khaled reminding us that grinding works in the long run

  • this all started from that interview when khaled wore the red jacket.

  • numerology at its best

  • Khaled Soft Shoe Tap Danced Around The Boogie Man Birdman's Question Gregory Hines Style …Smdh

  • I wish that DJ Khaled was my trainer. When I'm doing weights DJ Khaled like this "Another one, They don't want to see that six abs they want that gut" 😂😂😂💯💯

  • 28:00 hot 97 stay with the 2pac disrespect. All eyez on me was flames, both disc. Biggie got 2 albums, pac career run circles around his.

  • Man I feel sorry for Assad Khalid 😂😂

  • PartyNextDoor is a fucking GOAT

  • Smartest thing you've ever done for your career and this show lmao

  • jaayyyy

  • 34:10 – Khaled talks Birdman / Ross

    In other words, you didn't get paid (Charlamagne Tha God voice)

  • beyyy

  • this dude is one of the greatest salesman I've heard in my life….great at selling mediocre products cause his music doesnt match his hype

  • His positive vibes is very Contagious, every time i see him talking i become happy and postive

  • If the DJ thing nvr worked out he cld have made it as a comedian

  • blessings upon blessings dj

  • I just keep fast forwarding through this interview like it hurts to listen to in its entirety

  • ross/birdman talk 34:08

  • Where does he talk hov & birdman

  • What is he doing @ 1:53 with his two phones? Data transfer or a split charger?

  • Keep spreading your positive energy to the world Dj Khalid. You're the best!!!

  • so jay-z is god now????

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂The smartest thing you've ever done for your show😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hes a muslim. Why isnt him fasting? No hate<3

  • khaled

  • Why does the thumbnail look like it could be a family portrait !? – lol #LookAlikes

  • Another classic interview

  • Ebro and Pete gotta be the softest wanna be hard niggas in the game

  • So what brand shoes do you wear with a Champion sweat suit?

  • Birdman talk 34:15

  • Khaled is the only man who can make me smile in these long ass interviews no homo

  • 🙄 Ebro mad annoying

  • Khaled is blessed , @ one point i never thought Nas or Jay Z would ever do a record with him,impressed by what he had achieved n d kind of heart he got.true inspiration

  • Don't burn your bridges only God walks on water. That's some fucking wisdom G.

  • This nigga obsessed with the number 23 like Jim Carey in that movie

  • I have so much love for Khalid! Such a positive light! 👌💛

  • Khaled is The Man!!!

  • what is he really gonna do when asahd turns 23

  • Khaled been making hits since I was in elementary school lol

  • Did he say "wild thots"? 😂😂😂


  • The best interview u guys. I replayed the end 3-4 times for the mental 💎 gems he dropped. P.S funny how u pick up on his weight, compared to before He's lost some weight. Watch ⌚️how he moves. Don't play yourself.

  • i love his positivity

  • U ain't fasting and it's ramadhan…..