DJ Envy Responds To Recent Colorism Interview Backlash



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  1. Bullshit, they got into hot water because after she clearly explained the issues Charlemagne’s dumbass kept trying to minimize what she was saying and Envy/Angela just sat their clueless. It was a horrible interview.

  2. I'm not buying it. How are you black, yet don't know colorism exists, then act skeptical when someone informs you it does? That's like white people saying they were ignorant about racism but know better now. Stop it.

  3. Ok but colorism exists in the African-American community (ITS GLOBAL actually) but obviously he thinks it doesn't… Since he's clearly lightskin (Therefore, his experience is different compared to a dark man) 😩😩😩 I'M TIRED.

  4. They keep trying to clear up them being wrong. It's not that people were upset that he and Charalmagne didn't know, or had questions, it's that they were trying to deny Amara of her experience and were disrespectfully ignoring her sentiments. When Charlamagne asked Amara if it's all in her head, that complete disrespect. And I feel like that excuse of them not knowing because they aren't Latinx is bull too because clearly what she was speaking of is no different that what has been timelessly perpetuated in the United States and around the world with other Black and non-Black people. They talk about that concept everyday on their show, but when it's brought to light from the Latinx perspective, it's a whole new concept to them. I also think Amara clearly made her point, not only on LAHHM when the world saw the ignorance perpetuated on her from a fellow Latino, but also when she brought up the fact that you can't name any Black Latinxs that are well known compared to those who aren't Afro Latinx. I say we do not give them a pass on this. I'm not saying we should stop listening to them or boycott them or anything, but I think we need to hold them accountable with this because it wasn't okay, and they want us to think it was.

  5. You do NOT have to be latin to understand what she's saying, I'm black and I completely understood what she's saying considering the same thing applies in our race, him and charlamagne were just being petty bitches in that interview

  6. Man these brothas kept on being ignorant asking Amara stupid questions about who she is and how is she even AfroLatina like a bunch of coons! They always be putting down the sistas and making them feel worthless when they come back with a good response. It's no wonder why Charlamange is sexually confused and likes getting it in the booty from times to times like 50 Cents and Kanye West and Frank Ocean and Colton Haynes.

  7. no one got mad when he asked about the colorism in the latin world. People got mad when he said he sees latin people all over new york and he doesn't see racism between latin people in new york

  8. How are you supposed to know about colorism if you aren't latino…cause colorism is not global right? Because latino is not actually an ethnicity, it is its own race now right? gtfoh…weak excuses from a weak man. You had plenty of time during that interview to not be a dumbass, asking baited and dismissive questions…

  9. I understand Colorism, but what she was saying in the interview is the same as black community, so I'm confused as if everyone is acting like she (Amara) is saying something so profound and unheard of.

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