DJ Envy Opens Up About Cheating

What are your thoughts on cheating in a marriage and trying to work through it?



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  1. They put a nice little spin on it but we all know what happened with him and Erica Mena and I have a hard time imagining that his wife didn't know anything about it when he paid for Erica Mena's new body. Erica Mena would call in to The Breakfast Club and get into it with Angela Yee their relationship was all in the blogs and he was with Erica Mena for years. So wasn't just a phase it was a long moment of time.

  2. OMG!!! A woman forgives a cheating husband and the marriage gets stronger because THEY (not her) got past a rough time that HE created?!!! Please give them an Oscar. We have never seen this before, never!

  3. Normally, I Don't Do This But… The Laws Of Nature Are Pretty Simple Here. – She Took Him Back Becuz She Doesn't Wanna Ruin That Image Of "Her Perfect Little Family" Inside The Picture Frame. And 2 – He Cheated Becuz Erica's A Sleazo Thot Pocket Who Can Suck A Golf Ball Thru A Krazy Straw – Simplicity!⛪

  4. Im so confused. I didn’t see this episode but I’m pretty sure they didn’t bring him and or them on the show to talk about his past infidelity so why are they talking about it. It’s long gone happened. Um how did that become a topic??

  5. Y’all negative as hell. People make mistakes. So because you stole a pack of gum when you was 10 you’re always a thief? No people evolve and learn especially when they know they’re about to lose the best thing in their life so let’s not judge people for forgiving other people’s mistakes if they are willing to fix it.

  6. I can't with all these shows. Talking about cheating like its a "stage" that everyone goes through. This is a panel of beautiful, strong women. Interview a women that left her cheating husband and has a successful life. Now every cheater is so damn wise. I'm tire of cheaters being glorified. Its not that hard not to cheat. Its a choice. Want to be with other women/men, don't get in a monogamous relationship.

  7. You women in the comments are bitter. He cheated but they’re married and he only cheated once. Doesn’t make it right but she has rights to work out her marriage

  8. What is she sending her sons and daughters? That a man can cheat as long as he is sorry?? She shouldve left him, took half of his money and the house and found a guy who loved her for her NOT so she can be his support system. Dj envy can go ob fcking STI ridden sidechicks for the rest of his life. If she cheated he would be GONE!

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